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Kidney Transplantation Essay

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Kidney Transplant: Ask Dr. Matthew Cooper

At this point, the INR was 4. Two previous pancreatic 2 INR 1. A PTT seconds Other medi- PTT seconds She received four doses of cefazolin 1 g intravenously during her hospital stay. Abbreviations: INR, prothrombin time reported as the Postoperative medications included tacrolimus, methylpred- international normalized ratio; PTT, partial thromboplastin nisolone, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, acyclovir, sucral- time. Postoperatively, she experienced a prolonged ileus and remained without oral intake for 3 days. Over the next 2 days, the INR increased to Admission medications included doxazosin, pilocarpine eye deficiency. She received a total of with correction by vitamin K administration has four doses of cefazolin 1 g intravenously during hospitaliza- been used for the diagnosis of vitamin K defi- tion.

Postoperatively she received tacrolimus, acyclovir, ciency, although serum levels may be helpful. The postoperative course was compli- cated by primary allograft nonfunction. Ultrasonography showed a the PTT as well. Acquired deficiency can be subincisional hematoma. On postoperative day 6, active associated with primary biliary cirrhosis, chole- gastrointestinal bleeding occurred with an INR of The platelet count was within the normal range. The bleeding vitamin K deficiency—like state include warfarin, resolved with correction of the coagulopathy. The tam and cefamandole. Clinical Features of Patients glutamic acid by N-methylthiotetrazole groups Before Admission in cephalosporins. Although it is diffi- deficiency. Poor oral intake, preex- obtaining daily PT and PTT values in kidney and isting renal failure, and the use of cefazolin may combined kidney—pancreas allograft recipients have been causative to varying degrees.

Unfortu- at least from postoperative days 3 through 7. Administration of vitamin K have provided additional data on nutritional state. Alperin JB: Coagulopathy caused by vitamin K defi- linked to coagulopathy. JAMA association of vitamin K deficiency with the use , of tacrolimus, whereas cyclosporine has been 2. Can Med Assoc J , associated with coagulation abnormalities and 3. JAMA , of thrombin time, or the presence of an inhibi- 4. The battle royal by ralph waldo ellison is an archetypal initiation story told by the protagonist, an african american male narrator in his late.

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