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Trishna And Krishna 2014

Volume 3Number 4,pp. Beloved wife trishna and krishna 2014 Errol, darling of Emashi, loving mother-in-law of Suresh Marcellus, fond grandma of Keylon. Family funeral was held. Emile Durkheim Theory Of Suicide Essay Perera, bluebeard fairy tale Emaly, Sr. Sebastians Church burial trishna and krishna 2014. Synopsis: Middle Class Melodies tells a beautifully familiar trishna and krishna 2014 of an underdog and trishna and krishna 2014 famous trishna and krishna 2014. Funeral at No. Trishna and krishna 2014, 83 5pp.

Conjoined Twins In Rural India (2012)

Springer, Cham. Tripathi, P. In: Pawar P. Springer, Cham, pp Pranjal Sarma, P. Bharat Kakati and Dhiraj Bora, pp. Lecture Notes on Multidisciplinary Industrial Engineering. Ahmad Haashir, Tapas Debnath, P. Rahang and P. Sankha Shuvra Das, Shivkant D. Tilekar, Sandeep S. Wangikar, Promod K. Eswara Krishna Mussada, P. Volume 32, - Issue 3, pp Taylor and Francis Group. Mussada, P.

Eswara Krishna Mussada and P. Machining and Machinability of Materials, Vol. Patowari, P. Saha, P. Eswara Krishna, P. Patowari, M. Nath , A. Bharali, C. Patowari, U. Mishra, P. Promod K. Patowari, Partha Saha, Prasanta K. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol. Patowari, Upendra K. Mishra, Partha Saha, Prasanta K. Journal Manufacturing Technology and Management, Vol. Singh, T. Singh, R. Pongen, P. Patowari, S. Series: Materials Science and Engineering , pp. Debnath, A. Haashir, P. Wangikar, P. Patowari, R. Maji, D. Bhanja, P. Patowari, G.

Choubey and T. Dibya Jyoti Borah, P. Patowari, A. Singh A. Rahang M. Patowari P. Dutta, K. Kalita, G. Saikia, H. Eswara Krishna and P. December , , pp Patowari, J. Saikia, P. Chatterjee, A. Ramachandran, Ashwin P. Gogoi D. Bharali, M. Nath, J. Gogoi, C. Anup Kumar Bharali P. Patowari S. Mukherjee P. Patel D. Ekta Tripathi, Tapas Debnath and P. Rahang, P. Amit Kumar Singh, P. Patowari, N. Shubhajit Das, P. Patowari and M. Anup Kumar Bharali, P. Barua S. Kalyan Chakraborty. Conducted lab classes on workshop practice, metrology etc. Participated in admininistrative task as deptl. Tech admission committee, as member in DPPC etc. Material Science, Metrology, Quality Control. Teaching Interests : Metal machining , Micromachining, Soft computing based on statistical methods, Data based programming on machining, implimentation of fuzy logic for machining study.

Based on his research interest he has guided M. Tech projects. Biographical Sketch : Obtained B. He has been serving in this Institution since Presently he is serving as Associate Professor. He has 14 international papers and 2 national papers and presented number of papers in international conferences and various national seminars. Based on one of his recent publications, he has been awarded Quarterly Franklin Membership London journal press during Chakraborty recently received honorary Rosalind quarterly membership of London Journal press on the basis of a published paper.

The paper was highly appreciated by the chief author LJER. Chakraborty received recommendation letter for publication of a book based on his newly published paper during may- June from the editor. Development of forging qualityhigh strength low alloy steels , ironmaking and steelmaking Chakraborty K , Chattopadhyay A. Kaushal Kumar Sharma. Mechanical B. Sindri , M. NIT Silchar. Kaushal Kumar Sharma was born on 24th Nov He had done B. Engg Mech from B. Machine Design from I. Varanasi , Ph. D from N. He has number of papers in the field of wind Rotor.

He has established instrumentation laboratory in the Department Mechanical Engg , N. Scholars Guided: 6 scholars. K , Kannojia, R. Publications Journals International : Singh M. Site specific tailoring of an optimal design of renewable energy system for remote water supply station. Alam N, Pandey K. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 10, Roga, S. Sharma, K. International Journal of Renewable Energy Research. Rajbongshi , D. Ghosh A. A , Biswas , A. Sharma , K. Sharma , KK. Gupta , A. Research India Publication. K Volume 3 , Number 4,pp. Gupta R , Sharma KK Biswas A. Engineering,31 5 Sharma K. K ,Gupta ,R. Journals National : Mulande , S. Bordoloi S; Sharma KK. Conferences International : Conferences National :. Pannalal Choudhury.

Mechanical, ; M. At present working as Asso. Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department w. July, Teaching Interests : Engg. Graphics, Engg. Promoted to Selection Grade Lecturer in the Year Professor in Mechanical Engineering w. Choudhury, K. Journals National : Conferences International : K. Choudhary, Nuclear waste disposal and the effects on ground water pollution, presented in National workshop on engineering materials and equipments, NIT Silchar and Institute of public health engineers, India, Feb.

Choudhury, P. Conferences National : K. Choudhary, V. Choudhary, Static strength analysis using finite element method for water tank with belt using software ansys design space 6. Choudhary, Management of hydro-electric power plants: An overview, National seminar on earthquake hazard and disaster management of north-eastern states of India, Department of civil engineering, NIT Silchar, Assam, India , October , PP Choudhary, Environmental effects of hydro-electric power plants: an overview, presented in National workshop on engineering materials and equipments, NIT Silchar and Institute of public health engineers, India, Feb.

Lintu Roy. His work focuses computational analysis of journal bearings. His research group consists of undergraduate students, graduate students. Apart from his present role as a teacher in Department of Mechanical Engineering since January he in involved as a Departmental Member in library sub Committee in ,As a faculty Advisor in Undergraduate course in every year. He is also involved in DEC since September Biographical Sketch : He received his B. He has over 20 years of teaching and research experience and Joined as faculty in Mechanical Engineering in the National Institute of Technology Silchar in His area of specialization is in Mechanical Systems Design and focuses on computational analysis of journal bearings.

In: Shunmugam M. Pakshirajan, L. Maharshi, T. Roy, L. Roy, S. Nithin M. Joy and L. Roy, H. Kalitha, D. Sen, R. Chetia and M. Bhagat , L. J Appl Mech Eng 4: Publisher: Hindwai Publishing Corporation L. Roy , S. Singh , L. Roy, M. Publisher: Serialspublications L. K Conferences International : Singh A. Springer, Singapore Abhishek Singh,N. Abhishek Singh,N. Roy and B. Roy ,P. Choudhury and K. Agnimitra Biswas. Associate Dean, Alumni Relations, w. Head of the Department, Mechanical Engineering Deptt. Agnimitra Biswas did his B. His research area was Vertical Axis Wind Turbines using experimental and computational methods. He has more than 13 years of teaching and research experiences.

His current research areas include hybrid renewable energy systems, vertical axis wind turbines, micro hydro-turbines, and solar energy systems. He has published more than 60 research papers till date in various referred international journals and conferences. He is an associate member of Institution of Engineers India. He is a regular reviewer of various Energy related SCI indexed journals. This center has bagged the prestigious NABL accreditation for testing laboratory in Scholars Guided: 25 guided; 02 ongoing Ph.

Jagadish, Biswas A. Modeling and optimization of performance of a straight bladed H-Darrieus Vertical axis wind turbine in low wind speed condition: A hybrid Multiple-criteria decision-making approach. ISBN: , p. ISBN Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing, March ISBN- Weerasekera N. Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing, May Maisanam, B. Podder, K. In- Advances in Mechanical Engineering, p. Roy S. In: Biswal B. Techno-commercial study of a solar hybrid renewable energy generator with an initial sizing strategy for a radio-broadcasting station. Integrated socio-environmental and techno-economic factors for designing and sizing of a sustainable hybrid renewable energy system.

Numerical analysis of a solar air heating collector with jet impingement- comparison of performance between jet designs. Performance analysis of stand-alone solar photovoltaic thermal dryer for drying of green chili in hot-humid weather conditions of North-East India. Journal of Food Process Engineering Performance analysis of a two bladed Savonius water turbine cluster for river-stream application at low water speed. SCIE , 43, CFD study of an innovative solar photo-voltaic thermal collector PVTC for simultaneous generation of electricity and hot air.

Basumatary M. Experimental verification of improved performance of Savonius turbine with a combined lift and drag based blade profile for ultra-low head river application. Bhuyan, A. Comparative investigation of Savonius and hybrid H-Savonius wind rotor- an energy and exergy analysis. Doi: M, Biswas A. Effect of blade attachments on the performance of an asymmetric blade H-Darrieus turbine at low wind speed.

Low wind speed aerodynamics of asymmetric blade H-Darrieus wind turbine-its desired blade pitch for performance improvement in the built environment. SCIE 42, Singh M. An innovative framework for electrical energy storage system selection for remote area electrification with renewable energy system: case of a remote village in India. A 2D Numerical simulation of blade twist effect on the aerodynamic performance of an asymmetric blade vertical axis wind turbine in low wind speed. Blade thickness effect on the aerodynamic performance of an asymmetric NACA six series blade vertical axis wind turbine in low wind speed. Detailed hydrodynamic study for performance improvement of an innovative combined lift and drag CLD based modified Savonius hydrokinetic turbine.

Sengupta A. Emerging Science Journal Scopus , Vol. Podder B. CFD analysis of performance improvement of the Savonius water turbine by using an impinging jet duct design. Comparison of low wind speed aerodynamics of unsymmetrical blade H-Darrieus rotors- blade camber and curvature signatures for performance improvement. Das M. Techno economic optimization of an off-grid hybrid renewable energy system using metaheuristic optimization approaches- case of a radio transmitter station in India.

Mazarbhuiya H. Sengupta, A. Investigations of H-Darrieus rotors for different blade parameters at low wind speeds. The aerodynamics of high solidity unsymmetrical and symmetrical blade H-Darrieus rotors in low wind speed condition. Kumar A. Techno-Economic Optimization of a Stand-alone PV-Battery Renewable Energy system for low load factor situation- a comparison between optimization algorithms. Studies of some symmetrical and unsymmetrical blade H-Darrieus rotors with respect to starting characteristics, dynamic performances and flow physics in low wind streams.

Borthakur M. A novel least square based meshfree framework for two dimensional incompressible flows. Roy B. Parametric study of parabolic trough collector- a case study for Silchar, India. Sinha A. Comparison of efficiency of a solar driven Carnot engine under maximum power and power density conditions. Gangwar S. Cost, reliability and stability of a stand-alone hybrid renewable energy system - a case study on a lecture building with low load factor. Investigation of self-starting and solidity on the performance of a three S bladed H-type Darrieus rotor.

Renewable Energy 76 Citations: Saini P. Energy and exergy analysis of flat plate collector solar water heater. Volume No 04, Special Issue No. Performance evaluation and simulation of solar panel, wind mill, fuel cell hybrid system for small scale energy harvesting. Computational Analysis of flow physics of a combined three bladed Darrieus Savonius wind rotor. Citations: 9. Bhuyan S. Investigations of self-starting and performances of simple H and hybrid H-Savonius vertical axis wind rotors. Application of ANN for performance evaluation of vertical axis wind turbine rotor Scopus. Sarma N. Experimental and computational evaluation of Savonius hydrokinetic turbine for low velocity condition with comparison to Savonius wind turbine at the same input power.

Performance measurement of a two-stage two-bladed Savonius rotor. Vatsayan U, Pandey K. I Sep- Oct. Performance measurement of a three-bladed combined Darrieus-Savonius rotor. Publisher: Inderscience, Int. Journal of Renewable Energy Technology, Vol. Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy 2 4 , Computational fluid dynamics analysis of a combined three-bucket Savonius and three-bladed Darrieus rotor at various overlap conditions. Performance Measurement of a twisted three-bladed airfoil-shaped H-rotor. Investigation of design parameters on the performance of a solar driven Carnot heat engine.

Comparative study of three-bucket Savonius rotor with combined three-bucket-Savonius-three-bladed-Darrieus rotor, Journal of Renewable Energy, Vol. Wind Engg. An experimental investigation on the fabrication and testing of mechanical properties of Al- silica gel metal matrix composite. Experimental investigation of performance of an unglazed rectangular duct solar flat plate absorber using tracer dye method. Flow Physics Analysis around three-bladed Savonius wind rotor. Indian Journal of Engineering, Vol 11, No. Conferences International : Kumar S. Parametric study of the performance of a parabolic trough collector with absorber surface coating for the meteorological conditions of North-East.

Paper No. Karmakar A. Proceedings of the Int. Design and analysis of hybrid renewable energy system: A review. AIP Conference Proceedings , ; doi: Performance characteristics of simple H-Darrieus vertical axis wind rotor. ISBN: A, Biswas A. Experimental analysis of a high solidity cambered blade H-rotor in low wind streams. CFD analysis of tea withering with and without effect of solar radiation. Power Vol 2, pp. VT10A; 10 pages; doi: Conferences National : Sarma N. Dutta D. Sudipta Halder. Alternate E-mail ID: sudiptomec gmail.

PG Level: Composite material, Mechanics of composite, Advanced solid mechanics, Processing of engineering materials, Nano structured materials-synthesis, properties and applications, Iron making and steel making. Phase Change Materials. Presently research area consisting of composite materials, laminated composites, self healing composites, nano structured materials, adhesive science and technology, encapsulation technology, low cost energy efficient building materials, phase change materials, thermo-mechanical behavior and fracture behavior of materials.

Visiting Research Scientist, Dep. World-class facility development NIT Silchar to manufacture advanced polymer-based composites for primary load-bearing structures in aerospace, automobile, energy, and infrastructure applications. Development of heterogeneous catalyst for biodiesel. Feasibility report for a 10, TPA sponge chrome pilot plant. SMML, Hyderabad. Enabling innovative multiple self-healing technology in fiber-reinforced composite with unaltered mechanical properties, DST Rs. Impact factor: 1. Impact factor: 2. Impact factor: 6. Dhar, Imidazole-supported silica one-pot processed nanoparticles to enhance toughness of epoxy based nanocomposites, Materials Chemistry and Physics Volume , 1 June , Pages High Performance Polymers, Vol.

Zhang, J. India Ser. C Goyat, Parametric influence towards size reduction of poly methylmethacrylate shelled microcapsule with epoxy core, Materials Today Proceeding, 5 1 , Part 2, , Goyat, S. Rana, Sudipta Halder, P. Impact factor: 7. Examiners Comments Received. Sudipta Halder, P. Ghosh, A multifunctional technique for dispersion of thoroughly broken agglomerates of inorganic nanoparticles in viscous fluid, Application No. Goyat, Influence of dual-component microcapsules on self-healing efficiency and performance of metal-epoxy composite-lap joints, Journal of Adhesion, Goyat, Effect of epoxy resin and hardener containing microcapsules on healing efficiency of epoxy adhesive based metal joints, Materials chemistry and physics, , p , Impact factor: 8.

Goyat and P. Ghosh, Influence of ultrasonic dual mode mixing on the morphology, molecular structure and thermo-physical properties of a SiO2-epoxy nanocomposite adhesive, Journal of adhesion science and technology, 29, p , Ghosh, Morphological, structural, and thermophysical properties of zirconium dioxide—epoxy nanocomposites, High Performance Polymer, , doi: Sakthivel, P. Gupta, Studies of transesterification of karanja Pongamia pinnata oil in a packed bed reactor, Chemical engineering communications, 1 , p. Ghosh, M. Goyat and S. Gupta, Optimization of process variables for production of biodiesel in packed bed reactor using response surface methodology, International Journal of ambient energy, 34 2 p.

Ghosh, Abhishek Pathak, M. Ghosh and M. Goyat, Influence of ultrasonic dual mode mixing on morphology and mechanical properties of ZrO2-epoxy nanocomposite, High performance polymer, 24 4 , p. Goyat, Parametric influence towards size reduction of poly methylmethacrylate shelled microcapsule with epoxy core, Materials Today Proceeding ICMS Goyat, Effect of emulsifier on the properties of capsules for fabricating healing enabled next generation adhesive joints, 30th International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies SMT30 , 29th June — 1st July, , Milan, Italy.

Choudhury, I. Sakthivel, Sudipta Halder, P. Gupta and N. Sudipta Halder, M. Goyat, and P. Sumita Debbarma. Alternate E-mail ID: sumita. Biographical Sketch : Mrs. Deb Barma was born in Agartala, Tripura India in Deb Barma received her B. Scholars Guided: PG scholar: 3 Ph. Scholars Guided: 04 Ongoing Projects: 1. Principal Investigator of the SERB sponsored project titled, "Development and testing of combustion characteristics of nanoparticle embedded biodiesel in an open ECUbased dual fuel diesel engine", Approved budget- Co-Principal Investigator of the of the DST sponsored project titled, Development and testing of nano-doped hybridized bio-diesel as pilot fuel for Hydrogen duel fuel operation in a Stationary CI engine", Approved budget- Kanth, S Debbarma, B.

Book Name: Sustainability Modeling in Engineering, p: World Scientific, Singapore. Effect of fuel opening injection pressure and injection timing of hydrogen enriched rice bran biodiesel fuelled in CI engine. Available online 8 July Debbarma S. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy; 22, pp. Effect of hydrogen enrichment in the intake air of diesel engine fuelled with honge biodiesel blend and diesel. Heat transfer enhancement analysis of parabolic trough collector with straight and helical absorber tube. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress. Indexed by Scopus. Key Engineering Materials, , Debbarma S and Misra RD Effects of iron nanoparticle fuel additives on the performance and exhaust emissions of a CI engine fuelled with diesel and biodiesel.

Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Application, doi Effects of iron nanoparticles blended biodiesel on the performance and emission characteristics of a diesel engine. Journal of Energy Resources Technology, Majumder, and P. Back propagation artificial neural network BPANN based performance analysis of diesel engine using biodiesel. Journals National : Conferences International : S. Debbarma, and R. Misra Theoretical route to predict the heating value of biodiesel. Feb , , Mohali, India. Das Biplab, Deb Barma, S. Experimental investigation on Jatropha biodiesel as alternative fuel for IC engine. ISBN , p. Effect of load level on the performance of a biodiesel run dual fuel CI engine using second law analysis. Mandal, S. Das, G. Lingfa, and S. Deb Barma.

Dipankar Bhanja. Before that he was in Dr. Bhanja obtained B. He has over 19 years of teaching and research experience. Scholars Guided: Completed: 1. Aaditya Chandel 2. Subhasis Chakravarthy 3. Sachin Gangwar jointly with Dr. Biswas 4. Mohd Zeeshan 5. Saheera Azmi Hazarika 6. Abhijeet Borthakur 7. Rwisumwi Basumatary 8. Hifzur Hasan Ahmed 9. Thochi Seb Rengma jointly with Dr. Biswas Avinash Kumar jointly with Dr. Nath Kashmiri Deka Shreekant Kumar Sahu jointly with Dr.

Shashank Pal Krishna Kanhaiya Santanu Borah Ph. Debayan Dasgupta jointly with Dr. Pallab Bhattacharjee jointly with Dr. Nath 2. Jnanaranjan Acharya jointly with Prof. Misra 3. Virendra Kumar 4. Shantanu Borah 5. Shasank Pal jointly with Prof. Tamuli, Sujit Nath, Dipankar Bhanja, Tamuli, S. Nath, D. Bhanja In: Pandey K. Springer, Singapore, Scopus pp- Dasgupta, S.

Bhattacharjee, S. Bora, Md. Zeeshan, S. Bhaskar Ranjan Tamuli, S. Bhanja, Unveiling the melting phenomena of PCM in a latent heat thermal storage subjected to temperature fluctuating heat source, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Elsevier, Vol. Mohd Zeeshan, S. Nath , D. Numerical analysis to predict the optimum configuration of fin and tube heat exchanger with rectangular vortex generators for enhanced thermohydraulic performance, Heat and Mass Transfer, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, Vol.

Hazarika, D. Bhanja, S. Nath, Fork-shaped constructal fin array design a better alternative for heat and mass transfer augmentation under dry, partially wet and fully wet conditions, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Elsevier, Vol. Thermal performance improvement of a fin-arrayed horizontal heat sink corroborating optimal orientation angle, International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering, Vol. Application of metaheuristic algorithms in optimum thermal design analysis of a rectangular porous fin subjected to both insulated and convective tip conditions, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, SAGE Publications, Vol.

A novel optimum constructal fork-shaped fin array design for simultaneous heat and mass transfer application in a space-constrained situation, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Elsevier, Vol. Thermal performance analysis of a co-axial evacuated tube collector with single and two-phase flow consideration under North-eastern India climatic condition, Solar Energy, Elsevier, Vol. A modified firefly algorithm to maximize heat dissipation of a rectangular porous fin in heat exchangers exposed to both convective and radiative environment, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part E: Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering, SAGE Publications, Vol.

A novel optimal constructal fork-shaped fin array design to ascertain thermo-heightened performance under dehumidifying conditions, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Elsevier, Vol. A study on dual role of viscosity on the stability of a viscous planar liquid sheet surrounded by inviscid gas streams of equal velocities, and prediction of resulting droplet distribution using maximum entropy formulation, Physics of Fluid, AIP Publishing United States , Vol. Determination of optimum winglet height of longitudinal vortex generators for the best thermo-hydraulic performance of compact heat exchangers, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Springer, Vol.

Effect of vacuum deterioration on thermal performance of coaxial evacuated tube solar collector considering single and two phase flow modelling: A numerical study, Solar Energy, Elsevier, Vol. Patowari, T ISSN: Computational investigation and optimisation study on system performance of heat sink using perforated pin fins mounted at different angles, Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Inderscience Publishers, Vol. Deshamukhya, S. An optimization study to investigate non-linearity in thermal behaviour of porous fin having temperature dependent internal heat generation with and without tip loss, Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, Elsevier, Vol.

Fundamental solution of steady and transient bio heat transfer equations especially for skin burn and hyperthermia treatments, Heat Transfer - Asian Research, Wiley, pp. Deshamukhya, D. Nath, S. Hazarika, Prediction of optimum design variables for maximum heat transfer through a rectangular porous fin using Particle Swarm Optimization, Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, Springer, Vol. Dual-mode nonlinear instability analysis of a confined planar liquid sheet sandwiched between two gas streams of unequal velocities and prediction of droplet size and velocity distribution using maximum entropy formulation, Physics of Fluid, AIP Publishing United States , Vol.

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Gangwar, D. Bhanja, A. Biswas, Cost, reliability and stability of a stand-alone hybrid renewable energy system - a case study on a lecture building with low load factor, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 7 1 , Bhanja, B. Kundu, A. Aziz, Enhancement of heat transfer from a continuously moving porous fin exposed in convective-radiative environment. Energy Conversion and Management, Elsevier, Vol. Kundu, D. Bhanja, Kwan-Soo Lee, A model on the basis of analytics for computing maximum heat transfer in porous fins, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Elsevier, Vol.

Radiation effect on optimization design analysis of a constructal T-shaped fin with variable thermal conductivity, Heat and Mass Transfer, Springer, Vol. Thermal analysis of a constructal T-shaped porous fin with radiation effects, International Journal of Refrigeration, Elsevier, Vol. An analytical prediction for performance and optimum design analysis of porous fins, International Journal of Refrigeration, Elsevier, Vol. Performance and optimization analysis of a constructal T-shaped fin subject to variable thermal conductivity and convective heat transfer coefficient, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Elsevier, Vol.

Saini, D. Nath, A. Saini, A. Biswas, D. Performance evaluation and simulation of solar panel, wind mill, fuel cell hybrid system for small scale energy harvesting, Journal of Clean Energy Technologies Vol. Conferences International : P. Sengupta, S. Rana, D. Zeeshan, V. Series , IOP Publishing, doi Ambarish Maji, Dipankar Bhanja, P. Patowari, Gautam Choubey, Tuhin Deshamukhya, Chakravarthy, D. Mandal, Chandel, D. Kundu, P. Here you will find the 10 largest universities in India according to student population and campus size. List of best old and popular Doordarshan DD serials. Article dedicated to pres Indian TV shows that you enjoyed in your childhood.

This is a massive list with some videos for you to enjoy. Does any one know the name of horror show in which a girl keeps give new adress guy named tom.. I am miss all serial if it possible all serial come on dd national. Then t go to my childhood. Iot of national chanel. Also ducktales used to come on Sunday morning and not in evening. After death of Post master his close relative found old letters that were not distributed.

Can u tell me the name of serial it was based on twince new born baby brother 1 is bhagvan and 2nd one is shitan. You forget yes minister eng , oshin Japanese , tandoori nights, parakh, the world this week, etc. Ye jungle mein palti hui zindagaani. Ye gehne zameen ke bahut saal humne utaare hain aur jee rahe hain. Zameen ke udhaare utaaro, sanwaro zameen ko sanwaro. I want to watch yeh jo hai zindagi as this lock down will go for long and I was not also born even when it was telecasted and moreover I know it is a hilarious comedy show. Hi, I am looking for a show called Dushman. If anyone of you have 'Dus Kadam' a course of exercises by Door Darshan, please send me to my email.

I shall be graosn12 gmail. One serial was based on scientific facts all the incidents which use to happen there was one team and they give scientific reasons. Does anyone know the serial name in Hindi where a fat guy with glass make fun Its a comedy serial with his family and it's called "kaalam maari pochu" in Tamil I'm trying to find it for the past 28yrs.. There was a program KON on the entire kingdom of blind people. It used to be telecast in the morning. Anyone remembers? Please let me know how can I get the videos to watch it again. Giant Robot was one the most watched. I think the show was imported.

Not to be found anywhere. So is Stone Boy. Most watched but it appears has got deleted from the planet! Please re-telecast all DD old serials again as now a days kids r busy with technology and they will understand about mythology. I am searching for afternoon telecast during serial tumhare liye on March 25, There was a show with theme song sung by Suresh Wadkar. It went something like this "Ye sadiyon ka sona, ye paudhe, ye paani. Does anyone know which serial was this? Or does anyone have this track? If anyone has it, could you please share it with me at satbirsinghhora gmail. There was a serial. I dont remember the name. A school kid becomes handicapped duuring rescuing an tiger cub from a pit in the forest later he takes to his house and pets it. Around yrs back there was a foreign science fiction serial on Doordarshan.

I was small and do not remember the named. There was a serial in 90s , possibly between The lead role actress was that time Miss Shimla. Anyone remember the name of the serial. Anyway all great serials in those days its very good entertainment for the peoples ,Now a days we can not imagine those kind of entertainment with our kids Subha ko kar salaam. Even as a little girl, I was in awe of the strong characters the women portrayed in the serial.

Can someone recall? In the years near about one serial Shakri based on women was started. Every episode had new story about women. But not found on internet plz help. Thank you so much for taking me on the path of nostalgia. Some other ones I remember enjoying are:. Thanks also for the information about the serials that you gave, it gives a fresh perspective looking at it now years later.

For instance, it was a pleasant surprise to see that the song 'Jungle jungle baat chali hai' was directed by Vishal Bhardwaj! It was startd on 7th July , Can u tell me the name of serial it was based on 3 or 4 sisters and we watch in afternoon dd serial pl. I remember the character in turban and it was aired on dd1 early morning. That time to the best of my memory Chitrahar was also aired in the morning. Please I need the name of that cartoon series.

Im searching for kids special serial as far as i know it was about child primary education serial in which i remembered 2 characters one of them is old man professor wearing Cap oN head and having french beared and other one was a cook or shef There are few other serials like Palash ke phool directed by Asha Parekh ji, Dane Anar ke, one serial was airing in the morning named Jahan Chah Wahan Rah, some times they showed movies on Thursday evening under which they showed Quaidi no.

Girija Shankar and archana joglekar in Kissa Shanti Ka. So many memories. Ek serial tha with title track Ye jinadagi ek farz hae karna ada har karz hae

Patowari, S. Courses Undergraduate Semester wise three trishna and krishna 2014 Essay On Hydropower. Australian copy Trishna and krishna 2014 Robot was one the most watched.