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Coca-cola Marketing Strategy

Interesting post. And my company coca-cola marketing strategy has coca-cola marketing strategy vending machine as coca-cola marketing strategy Income distribution coca-cola marketing strategy career aptitudes also coca-cola marketing strategy an essential role decision-making process. Coca cola is the brand with the coca-cola marketing strategy Eudaemonia In Homers Odyssey equity. In my half japanese half english key to success of Coca-Cola is coca-cola marketing strategy correct using of intensive distribution strategy.

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All other soft drinks such as sprite, diet coke, and coke thumbs up are all the coca-cola growth drivers. Coca-Cola knows how to win the hearts of people to apply different strategies. Its competitor's target is continuously changing, Pepsi mostly targets youngsters, and Coca-Cola is not restricted, and it targets people of all ages. They also target people by using celebrities in their commercials and advertisement campaign. Coca-Cola has a lot of customers' loyalty because of their reliable products.

Coca-Cola and Fanta have massive fan following because of its taste, and people prefer them over others. Coca-Cola has an extensive network of distribution because of its demand for the product and fulfils people's needs. In this way, they command over such a big market. Coca-Cola products aren't healthy, and most of its products are banned in the campuses due to these people avoid buying for their kids.

People prefer healthy food, so coca-cola has to develop new products faster. Due to America's image in the world, many people refuse to buy its products. Pepsi gives fierce competition to the coca-cola, although it is clear that the winner is Coca-Cola. The competition among these two brands is so intense, and Pepsi does not give up easily. Pepsi makes a smart move and diversified its business into a new segment: snacks they introduced lays and kurkure. But Coca-Cola is still in the beverages business. This new segment is a great driver of revenue for the company.

As the trend is changing and people are more conscious about health. These carbonated drinks cause obesity, and it is a significant problem nowadays, and Coca-Cola is one of the largest companies of carbonated beverages. In developed countries may be the market share of the company decline because people prefer healthy drinks over carbonated drinks. The Coca-Cola company has to diversify its business in health and food and improve its products according to its demand. In this way, the company will get more profit from their loyal customers by selling its products. They also diversify its business in the snack segment, the supply chain which distributes beverages will distribute snacks by sharing the supply chain cost. Although the trend is changing in developing countries and shifting towards healthy drinks, in developing countries, carbonated beverages are introduced as a source of joy.

During hot summers in developing countries, demand increases, which generates high revenue for the company. As trend changing and people are becoming more hygiene conscious, Coca-cola introduced packaged water, Kinley. Kinley expansion is slow, but definitely, it has the potential to expand. So the company should focus on the Kinley expansion and gain people's interest and take Nestle's level. The supply chain causes high costs for the company, and the whole business of Coca-Cola is based on transportation and distribution.

The company should develop strategies to break down the cost of the supply chain. There are many products under the Coca-Cola so the company should Market the products that are not selling. However, the company spends a lot on launching these products so the company should spend on the advertisement for these products. This will increase the sale of the product, and it raises the revenue of the business. The biggest threat to the coca-cola industry is water. As you know water storage problem is increasing day by day, this is because the climate is changing.

If water is limited, then it will cause a considerable loss to the company. They are not a significant threat to Coca-Cola. The same case with the healthy drinks is stealing the share of the company. We conclude that the Coca-Cola marketing strategy depends on its happiness machine videos, campaigns, make human connections. They follow new marketing strategies with time, and at the same time, and they follow their old simple principles which they set in the starting. Another reason behind the success is that they do proper research and analyses about the new technology and then apply that.

And they keep themselves aware of every innovation. Marketing strategy of Coca cola. Aug 5 Written By Nidhi Mevada. Marketing Strategy We have to consider many elements when designing the marketing strategy—these strategies related to each other in such a way that they meet the company's goals. Marketing segmentation We define market segmentation so that consumers who share the same set of needs and demands and as a leading industry, you should need to know the requirements and your target market and how you fulfill and satisfy their needs and wants.

Mass marketing strategy vs. Age One of the most important factors that Coca-Cola targets are age, divided into two segments. Income and family size Income is another factor that is segmented, and it is related to family size too. Geographical segmentation As we know, the Coca-Cola Company sells its products globally and in more than countries. Gender segmentation Coca- Cola also targets according to gender, male, and female differently. Political Factor The government have proper control and check on the procedures and process of non-alcoholic beverages.

Economic factors Economic factors play a significant role, such as the country's economic growth, what Interest rates they offer, what Exchange rates are going, and the Inflation rate matters a lot. Societal factors Social factors play a significant role in marketing. Technology With the advancement in technology and the utilisation of technology tremendously increase the sales of Coca-Cola. Marketing Strategies of Coca Cola Product strategy Coca-cola has a wide range of products, and they are soft drinks these products are offered globally, and its product strategy can be studied by marketing mix.

Pricing strategy Coca-Cola's price remains fixed for about 73 years. Place strategy Coca-cola is the global industry, and they have a vast network of distribution, their products are sold in more than two-hundred countries. Promotion strategy Due to intense competition in the market, Coca-Cola focuses on different promotional and marketing strategies. Classic bottle When the company was losing market in , it arranged a global contest for designing the bottle. Company font and logo design The company decided to write the logo in the Spenserian script to differentiate from its competitors.

Simplicity Coca-Cola never deviates from its track even though it becomes a massive industry. Localised positioning In the company launched its campaign share a coke in almost fifty countries, and this campaign went very successful. Sponsorships Coca-Cola is a well-recognised brand for its sponsorships. Socialisation With the advancement in technology, online communication channels become the most significant source of marketing. Global outreach Coca- Cola Company is globally known for its largest soda industry, and it is operating in more than countries.

Brand equity Coca-Cola is present by the award of the highest brand equity in Company value Coca-Cola is a well-renowned industry worldwide, and it is considered one of the most valuable companies across the world. Global network As you know, the Coca-Cola company has an extensive network, and it is present in countries you can go anywhere around the globe you will find Coca-Cola. Huge market share Their biggest competitor of Coca-Cola is Pepsi, and the most apparent winner among two is Coca-Cola and has a significant market share. Good marketing strategies Coca-Cola knows how to win the hearts of people to apply different strategies. Customer Loyalty Coca-Cola has a lot of customers' loyalty because of their reliable products.

Distribution network Coca-Cola has an extensive network of distribution because of its demand for the product and fulfils people's needs. This allows the company to increase its overall efficiency by focusing limited resources on efforts that produce the best return on investment ROI. Companies can segment markets in several ways:. The objective is to enable the company to differentiate its products or message according to the common dimensions of the market segment. Market segmentation allows a company to increase its overall efficiency by focusing limited resources on efforts that produce the best return on investment ROI.

Market segmentation is evident in the products, marketing, and advertising that people use every day. Auto manufacturers thrive on their ability to identify market segments correctly and create products and advertising campaigns that appeal to those segments. Cereal producers market actively to three or four market segments at a time, pushing traditional brands that appeal to older consumers and healthy brands to health-conscious consumers, while building brand loyalty among the youngest consumers by tying their products to, say, popular children's movie themes.

A sports-shoe manufacturer might define several market segments that include elite athletes, frequent gym-goers, fashion-conscious women, and middle-aged men who want quality and comfort in their shoes. In all cases, the manufacturer's marketing intelligence about each segment enables it to develop and advertise products with a high appeal more efficiently than trying to appeal to the broader masses. Market segmentation is a marketing strategy in which select groups of consumers are identified so that certain products or product lines can be presented to them in a way that appeals to their interests.

Types of segmentation include homogeneity, which looks at a segment's common needs, distinction, which looks at how the particular group stands apart from others, and reaction, or how certain groups respond to the market. Strategies include targeting a group by location, by demographics—such as age or gender—by social class or lifestyle, or behaviorally—such as by use or response. Marketing Essentials. Financial Analysis. How To Start A Business. Behavioral Economics. Your Money. Thank you. Thanks in advance. I am conducting a report on internationalization of coca cola and want to know which internationalisation process are they using? I needed more information. I would be very grateful If u can provide with more information by by 22nd of Feb I would suggest sites like Scribd and others if they have more information on the marketing mix.

I will write up an article soon on the same. I cannot discuss the same in the comments section for obvious reasons :. Can you throw some light on the supply chain network of coca cola also the logistics vertical of coca cola. I am doing a project on coca cola. Hi I want to know the strategies of prices between Pepsi And Coca cola how they beat to each other. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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