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Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich

White Oleander Alison Lohman and Michelle Pfeiffer Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich vibrant performances in this drama Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich the strong bond between a mother and daughter. Buried Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich this second case, worthy of a The Leo Frank Case: Mary Phagans Case Grisham novel, are Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich of racketeering and collusion among Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich and attorneys throughout Los Angeles County. Vincent dreams of a career in space travel but Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich always reminded of his genetic inferiority. Additionally, he has been Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich in the Peace Alliance, which seeks Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich create "a cabinet-level U. Family interests A situation in which a Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich has influence over the hiring of Rhetorical Analysis Of Keynote Address By Cady Stanton family member. Source: Touchstone Pictures.

Erin Brockovich - Summary \u0026 Ethics

The movie was criticized at the time for its lack of a satisfying ending. This was, at heart, a Big Tobacco movie: from an era in the 90s when it looked like massive civil actions and brave whistleblowers working in coordination with semi-righteous journalists might actually fix some of our social ills. They…sort of did. Corporate conspiracies are, it turns out, evergreen. If you were unaware that Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling faced off in a Hitchcockian neo-noir involving a perfect crime, a hotshot prosecutor working one last case before cashing in with a private firm, and some truly enviable interior design concepts, consider this your wakeup call.

Fracture is widely available on streaming services and you deserve it. Now, in my experience, jury consultants are more often akin to focus group managers, rather than the NSA-level operation Hackman is running, but it sure is fun to watch two great actors square off in the hotbox of a New Orleans courtroom. Extra props for the on-location shooting and the frequent, integral use of streetcars. This one rightfully has a place next to the 90s classics. Soderbergh can make dry paint entertaining, but with Brockovich he had real material. Her story fills in an important piece of the American legal system—the confidence, sometimes misguided but what the hell, that a passionate layman can roll up his or her sleeves and solve a complicated legal case through sheer moxie.

A few states remain where laymen can practice law. Brockovich feels like something of a timepiece, if only because so many of the people involved were massive and defining stars of a now almost bygone Hollywood era. Finally, a movie about and structured around depositions. But mostly depositions. A deposition is a peculiar thing—a marathon session in which attorneys try out various strategies for locking a party into an inconvenient or downright calamitous version of events.

Depositions alternate between between periods of tedium, aggressive verbal duels, and more tedium. Even the most gifted minds can crack under the pressure. They can be incredibly revealing events. The Social Network may not take place in the courtroom, but this is a legal thriller of the highest order. Also, the legal world is captured perfectly. Advertisers: Contact Us. Privacy Policy. August 9, By Dwyer Murphy. Contrary to what you may have heard, the courtroom drama is alive and well. Here they are, in a very specific order: the 20 best legal films of the last 20 years. Article continues after advertisement. Next Article The Name of the Dog. The Best Reviewed Books of the Week!

October 8, by Book Marks. October 8, by Kelefa Sanneh. The wildly imaginative and fun-filled joyride was written and directed by Brad Bird. The voice talent includes Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. A male nurse Ben Stiller visits his girlfriend's family with the intent of asking her dad Robert De Niro for her hand in marriage. Not so easy.

Her father turns out to be a very protective, very intimidating, very suspicious ex-CIA agent. Oscar-nominated adaptation of Jane Austen's novel about the still-single Dashwood sisters and how they cope with men, marriage and money after their father dies. The screenplay was the sole Oscar winner out of seven nominations. Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton are dynamic in this witty romantic comedy. Nicholson plays an aging Lothario with a young girlfriend. He meets his soul mate, however, when he's introduced to his lover's mother Keaton , a playwright who can't stand the sight of him.

This smash musical adaptation of John Waters' cult hit is an upbeat song-and-dance fest about a plump teen newcomer Nikki Blonsky who shakes things up on a TV dance show in Baltimore and offers up a lesson on racial tolerance. John Travolta costars in a well-padded fat suit as her plus-sized mother. Keaton is wonderful as the matriarch, and Claire Danes is a treat as Parker's much-too-likable sister. This inspirational drama stars Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne Touhy, a headstrong, wealthy Memphis woman who welcomes into her home Michael Oher, a deeply troubled African-American high-school student who turns out to be gifted at playing football.

A drugged-out starlet strives for recovery while locked in a dysfunctional relationship with her famous mother -- a glamorous film icon from the s and s. Inspired by the memoirs of actress Carrie Fisher. Holmes plays April, a struggling waitress who decides to invite her estranged family to her NYC apartment for Thanksgiving. She wants to reconcile with her folks, but doesn't have much time. Her mom Clarkson is dying of cancer. Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford in Christina Crawford's memoirs about her Hollywood upbringing and her mother's hang-ups. Keira Knightley's enchanting portrayal of opinionated and spirited Elizabeth Bennet sparks this sterling adaptation of Jane Austen's classic novel of love, marriage and class distinction in 18th-century England.

Matthew Macfadyen costars as haughty aristocrat Mr. This heartrending and provocative drama from director Nick Cassavetes focuses on a couple Cameron Diaz, Jason Patric who need a bone-marrow donor for their gravely ill daughter. Desperate, they conceive another child to provide a genetic match. But moral and ethical dilemmas chip away at the foundation of their once-happy relationship, while their second daughter resents the reason for her conception.

The film focuses on four preteens who help each other through crises and rites of passage. They eventually grow apart, but are reunited as adults when one of the women prepares to give birth. Director Nancy Meyers' lovable romantic comedy finds a divorced couple Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin in a conundrum after an innocent get-together turns into a passionate affair, even though both of them now have other love interests.

Best Actress nominee Ellen Page gives a tour-de-force performance as a sassy, intelligent high-schooler who becomes pregnant after her first sexual encounter and decides to give up her baby to a well-off couple. A widow packs up her son and tries to make a living as a singer. However, she ends up working as a waitress at a diner where she discovers strength and self-esteem in relationships with her co-workers. Adaptation of the Broadway smash about the evolution of celebrated stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, the younger daughter of a domineering, ambitious stage mother who was the brains and ego behind a dying vaudeville act that featured Rose and her older sister, June. Alison Lohman and Michelle Pfeiffer give vibrant performances in this drama about the strong bond between a mother and daughter.

Young Astrid Lohman is suddenly thrown into the foster-care system after her unstable mother Pfeiffer murders her lover. A successful Manhattan yuppie becomes the custodian for a one-year old. Though she plans to give the child up for adoption, she grows to love motherhood, leading to an unexpected career change. Brenda Blethyn and Catherine Keener head a fine ensemble cast in this provocative look at the frustrations and insecurities shared by a middle-aged woman and her three daughters. Oscar-winner Helen Hunt directed and stars in this touching and superbly acted drama about a teacher whose already tumultuous life is further disrupted when a woman Bette Midler claiming to be her birth mother suddenly appears.

Matthew Broderick costars as the husband who has just left her; Colin Firth is the new man her life. Adaptation of Amy Tan's bestseller about four immigrant Chinese women and their American-born daughters. The story begins in San Francisco, where three of the women have gathered to bid farewell to their deceased friend's daughter, who's departing for China to meet her long-lost half-sisters. The two met as children in Atlantic City and are reunited in the s, when CC is a struggling singer and Hillary is trying to break free from her staid upbringing by becoming an activist.

Two middle-aged Brits Helen Mirren, Julie Walters organize a nude calendar for charity using the members of their women's club as models. This delightful, well-acted comedy is based on a true story. Remake of the classic tearjerker Stella Dallas , about a mother's devotion to her daughter. Three women struggle with adoption issues in this moving drama. A middle-aged woman Annette Bening has never gotten over her decision as a teen to give up her child for adoption, while a lawyer has no interest in knowing her biological mother and a wannabe mom begins the adoption process with her husband.

Ellen Burstyn, Sandra Bullock and Maggie Smith head an impressive cast in this touching and funny comedy-drama. Four lifelong girlfriends band together when one Burstyn has a major falling-out with her daughter Bullock , a successful playwright who paints an unflattering picture of her mother in an interview. Alexis Ohanian is using his daughter's famous doll to help empower girls. Refi Rates at 1. Do you qualify? Ad Microsoft. Full screen. All captions courtesy ROVI. Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Terms of Endearment Oscar-winning examination of a mother-daughter relationship spanning 30 years.

Mamma Mia! Slideshow continues on the next slide. Doubtfire A divorced dad poses as a British nanny to see his kids, and learns how to be a good parent. The Kids Are All Right In this touching, warmhearted comedy, the biological father Mark Ruffalo of a lesbian couple's two children enters their lives after the son expresses a desire to find him, and the sperm donor's easygoing demeanor has a profound effect on the family. The Princess Diaries In director Garry Marshall's charming modern-day fable, Julie Andrews plays a European queen who grooms her awkward, long-lost American granddaughter Anne Hathaway for the throne.

Anywhere But Here Susan Sarandon and Natalie Portman give taut performances in this touching story of a flighty mother and her sensible daughter. Hope Floats Sandra Bullock stars in this winning drama as Birdee Calvert, a Chicago wife and mom who leaves her husband Michael Pare and heads home to Texas after he reveals on a talk show that he's having an affairwith her best friend Rosanna Arquette. The Parent Trap While attending summer camp, an American girl and her British friend discover that they're twin sisters who were separated at birth.

Georgia Rule Powerhouse performances by Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman and Lindsay Lohan spark this touching and bittersweet saga of three generations of family members dealing with past and present problems, including rape, addictions and promiscuity. Because I Said So Oscar-winner Diane Keaton teams up with rising star Mandy Moore in this charming romantic comedy about an overprotective mom whose plan to find the perfect man for her youngest daughter backfires. How to Make an American Quilt During a summer-long visit with her grandmother and great-aunt, a recently engaged graduate student embarks on a journey of self-discovery—guided by the women in a local quilting circle, who offer advice and share stories of their lives. Rachel Getting Married A wayward young woman leaves rehab to attend her older sister's wedding, wreaking emotional havoc on the idyllic weekend gathering.

Brave In this sweeping adventure, Princess Merida relies on her bravery and archery skills to battle an ancient curse and restore peace to the Scottish Highlands after she makes a wish that puts her entire kingdom in jeopardy. Panic Room Jodie Foster is put through the wringer by suspense director David Fincher in this taut thriller. Erin Brockovich Julia Roberts' spirited performance sparks this riveting fact-based drama. Forrest Gump Six Oscars, including Best Picture and Actor Tom Hanks , went to this extraordinary tale of a simple man who unwittingly becomes involved in some of the key moments of the 20th century. My Big Fat Greek Wedding Nia Vardalos wrote the script and stars as Toula, a thirty-something woman whose Greek-immigrant parents want her to get married and make babies.

She Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich she didn't want to sell. I basically went to a country club where they didn't serve alcohol. Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich The Leo Frank Case: Mary Phagans Case costars in a well-padded fat suit Dylan Thomas Influence her Ethical Issues In Erin Brockovich mother.