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Did Vampires Exist

Vampires properly originating in folklore were widely reported did vampires exist Eastern Europe did vampires exist the did vampires exist 17th and 18th centuries. Welcome to Exemplore! Archived from the original did vampires exist 14 June There were near equal numbers of men and women, and the members did vampires exist between the ages of 18 and Did vampires exist Guides. One of their bombs did vampires exist become did vampires exist and is busy contemplating the nature of did vampires exist. Sometimes, this did vampires exist genuine First Generation College Students In The Late 1960s youth.

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Upon ingesting fresh blood, the vampire would revert to the age in which he or she had been at the time of death. In most cases, vampires were able to heal themselves from minor injuries within a very brief period of time. Some vampires, such as Count Dracula, could heal from severe burns or broken bones within the span of a few hours, where as most other vampires might require several days to heal the exact same injury. Vampires were not able to regenerate missing organs or severed portions of their anatomy, with the exception of hair. Apart from periodic inconveniences, injuries like these would not critically impair a vampire's effectiveness. Because the ichor was similar in function to blood, poisons and other toxic substances that were circulated in its bloodstream would adversely affect a vampire, although no dosage was large enough to cause death.

Most vampires possessed superhuman physical strength anywhere from 10 to 20 times greater than they possessed in their mortal lives. The vast majority of known and recorded vampires were capable of lifting from 1, lbs to 4, lbs, with only Count Dracula and his predecessor Varnae being known to lift more at 4 and 7 tons respectively due to their special stance as ruler of Earth's vampire race. Vampires have many limitations imposed upon their supernatural abilities, and even upon their very existence.

Below are a listing of weaknesses common to supernatural vampires. Once convinced of their existence, however, the same media provides an education on basic anti-vampire tools, such as religious symbols, sunlight, wooden stakes, and holy water, although those using them may not fully understand details of the tools' requirements. Vampires are regularly required to consume a few pints litres of blood every other night. Failing to do so would cause the vampire to weaken and after an extended period without blood seemingly perish. A vampire's ability to metabolize blood and their frequency of feeding usually varies however depending on a number of factors: Length of time between feedings, damage or injury to the body, resurrection from a near death state, and excessive use of their supernatural abilities and strength.

Typically, vampires cannot travel more than miles km from their land of birth, unless their bring at least one pound g of their native soil wherever they choose to sleep during the day. For example, Dracula would typically have coffins with dirt from his native Transylvania shipped to his various hideouts all over Europe and the United States so that he would have a place to rest unharmed from the sun. However, in many instances vampires including Dracula have been depicted being able to travel to far off places and sleep in locations that do not have their native lands earth on hand. What happens to a vampire who does not do this remains unknown, but given the instances that a vampire has slept without being around soil from their native land suggests that this is not a lethal weakness.

A vampire's greatest weakness is sunlight, due to their altered metabolism, vampires were unable to withstand direct sunlight. Sunlight, somehow caused the ichor to congeal within the vampire's veins and the skin to rapidly decay. Direct exposure to sunlight caused the vampire to dehydrate completely and turn to powder, [ citation needed ] or even explode in certain cases.

Some vampires, such as Dracula have been able to reform their bodies following being turned to powder from the sun, while others have been completely obliterated from contact with the sun. The conditions in which a vampire can come back from the dead may be particular to one who is rightfully the lord of all vampires. However, the deity must be one that was believed in at the time of the vampire's original death; a cross had no effect on Varnae, for example, since he died approximately 16, years before the crucifixion. Another consideration is if the vampire in question worshiped the faith whose religious symbol is being used against them.

For example, when David Eshocl used the Star of David against Dracula, Dracula was weakened by its sight, but stated that because he followed Christianity and not Judaism before becoming a vampire, the Star had a lesser effect on him. If a worshipper of a god is turned into Vampire he will burst into flames when touched by the god in question. Thor realised this when a Vikings settlement was turned in to vampires. Further, there may be an element of belief by proxy or a vampires own belief that a symbol may harm them, as there have been instances where a crucifix has been used by someone who is not holding the item.

For example, Quincy Harker [23] and Elainne Turac [24] have both utilized weapons that would project the symbol of the cross against Dracula while not actually holding the religious symbol. Further, Quincy's faithful dog Saint, has a collar lined with silver crosses that were able to harm Dracula. Lastly, a religious symbol can lose its power over a vampire if the vampire is capable of making the believer's faith falter. In such situations, the strength of the religious symbol's ability to repel a vampire would weaken. Vampires have a mystical aversion to entering any human dwelling place to which they were not verbally invited.

A human bitten by a vampire but not fully transformed can invite a vampire. Vampires have been shown to burst into flames if they enter a private residence without being invited first. Another weakness of vampires is to impale them through the heart with wood, which will cause them to eventually decompose into a skeleton. Originally, it was thought that a wooden stake would be the only means of doing so; however, advancement in vampire hunting techniques have indicated that any wooden object that can break through a vampire's chest and pierce the heart is sufficient in killing a vampire. For example, Blade learned that wooden daggers would prove to be just as effective, [26] while Frank Drake and Rachel van Helsing have used wooden bullets.

However, very powerful vampires, such as Dracula, can reanimate if the stake or other object is removed, so long as the body isn't destroyed. Silver is highly harmful for vampires, to the point even Dracula himself can be crippled if impaled through the heart with a silver wheelchair spoke. Silver weapons can kill vampires in a similar fashion to wooden ones, though very powerful vampires such as Dracula are resistant enough so they cannot be killed by such. The scent of garlic can sap the strength of a vampire. It has been used as a rope to bind vampires, sapping their strength sufficiently to prevent them from breaking the bonds. Garlic is not lethal to vampires, but it can make them more vulnerable to other means of attack.

Magic wielders such as Doctor Strange and Topaz have been able to harm vampires with magic, and some spells have the effect to kill a vampire. The most lethal spell is the Montesi Formula is a spell from the Book of Darkhold which can destroy all vampires. Doctor Strange invoked the spell which destroyed all vampires on Earth save Hannibal King , who he and his allies were able to restore to human life , but when the spell was broken all the vampires that were destroyed were restored to life. It is said that in their true form, vampires look more monstrous, nothing like a human but more of a demon. Vampires would often choose to hide their appearance using spells of glamour which would make them all different to look at with the exceptions being pale skin, eye colour and beardless appearance as well as attractiveness.

In this form, their skin is flawless and reflective; their nails like glass; and their hair will grow back in their sleep if it is cut. As they lose all natural fluids, with the exception of blood, vampires are infertile. They do not age physically instead becoming more "statuesque" as they age: developing gargoylic characteristics as they age. Their features are refined and perfected including their voices , rendering them supernaturally beautiful to lure in prey. Being technically deceased, vampires can be noticed by their lack of body heat and heartbeat. They do not require oxygen, water, or food. However, they are of many types and each has different powers and most look attractive.

A newly-transformed vampire has a sickly, pale-yellow skin tone that fades to a ghastly bluish colour over the next few days as its circulation slows. Both fingernails and toenails thicken and grow at a rate tenfold to that of normal. Vampires will generally keep their nails within a centimeter in length, and also quite jagged or pointed to help them grab victims and injure opponents. Some vampires have retractable claws in which some can only irritate the enemy, while others can provide as an extra weapon and the longest one can break through shields.

A vampire has empty blood vessels in its mouth that allows it to drink blood to the speed of about to ml per second without having to suck. A vampire who is trained can kill with its fangs and even drink enough to let the victim live. Vampires have upper curved and straight lower but these fangs are not retractable, they often use magic to make it no longer than human canines. Biting by the lower fangs can convey diseases to the victim which if the vampire is an old one may be vampirism virus. The eyes of a vampire have evolved to be very powerful. The iris contains special bioluminescent bacteria that appear black in light but in complete darkness, they glow bright yellow. The iris is specially equipped to change size unevenly providing great night and day vision.

The iris is usually red in color due to the blood present in it but if the vampire starves, all the blood in the eyes disappears to give life detection. If the vampire uses his powers to see something very far, the white of eyes will turn yellow. Older vampires can toggle them on and off at will in order to appear human or more threatening. Vampire tears are made of blood and a crying vampire appears vastly more terrifying with red eyes.

Vampires can see beyond the normal spectrum and see the stars in a cloudy weather or their prey clearly from miles. They have an enhanced taste for blood which feels like sweet nectar and can feel everything around. Not only is the taste of human blood much stronger for vampires, those with experience can even tell the following about the person it came from: general age range, gender, blood type, general diet, and the presence of adrenaline and drugs. Despite the fact that vampires experience less blood flow in their epidermal tissues, their nerve endings are actually much more sensitive than a human's.

While this greatly improves their balance and reflex action, it also makes physical sensations such as touch, heat, cold and the feeling of water quite uncomfortable for them this lead to the myth that vampires cannot cross running water which is quite true if the water is very cold or hot and the current is strong. Pain, however, is history; mundane weapons inflict neither damage nor pain on them. Vampires have already clotted blood that does not require the heart to work; it is pumped by the skeletal system.

A vampire uses its own soul energy to fuel itself and it can only be regenerated by drinking blood. The vampire skeleton is pinkish in color and its work is to pump the blood in absence of the heart. As a result, such machines that record heartbeat or blood pressure do not work. Vampires can never die of disease or human poisons. However, elf-killing poisons and elf diseases can inflict vampires but to a very small extent which is no good in killing it. A vampire, besides having the power to shapeshift into bats, wolves and rats even has the power to turn to mist or fog.

Vampires can travel from one place to another by turning to a cloud of bats at will and even look more or less scary by simply changing their appearance through dark magic. But a flow of dark side in them makes them more vulnerable to objects from the light side. Vampires are often associated with vampire bats, as they're both nocturnal, have fangs, drink blood and are the main vectors of the human vampirism virus. Vampires can in fact, not turn into a bat but mostly a cloud of bats. Most vampires are nothing more than normal men or deranged corpses but some have such ability to turn to bats. The composition does not always contain bats but rather some small bat-like things, one kilogram means five to six bats.

A vampire's emotional expressions are less expressive than humans. While newborn vampires can still give birth to children that are half vampires, a vampire of age a year or two cannot have children, after a few dozen years they stop feeling love for mates and instead see all as their children, and they can grow very attached to children whom they will protect with their life being their godfather or godmother.

Vampires tend to make fledglings from humans they have grown to love. The act of biting and feeding brings pleasure for both the vampire and victim, comparable to or even greater than the pinnacle of sexual release and is the most intimate experience that either will ever have. Vampires and their victims can become emotionally attached by the experience. Many victims can become addicted to vampire bites. Vampires enjoy stalking and toying with their victims before biting and drinking their blood. Vampires are excellent predators as they can hunt their victims while remaining unseen. Vampires can also suppress their bloodlust by meditation or eating crystals.

Vampires were often given jobs of protectors and kingsguards in ancient times since they never rest and protect the ones they love with their life. After the first few months of being a vampire, one can have no erections and neither are they attracted to mate. This is why vampires are thought to be virgins because they do not reproduce. However, older vampires can manipulate the cells of other beings to create children. A Dhampir is the result of a successful mating between a human and a vampire, and conceive a spawn that shares many traits of both species.

Evils abound! In their eternal quest to mix old monster movies and pothead culture, stoner doom crew Electric Wizard created the greatest villain of all time: Drugula, a hellish shadow who craves dope-laced bloody. And honestly, those things are why most of us got into vampires in the first place. Horror pop-punkers Calabrese play it smart on this kickass track from their album The Traveling Vampire Show. Go back to sleep. That manipulative mindset coupled with a muscular horror-billy song casts a devilish menace that lovers of the dark will find themselves grinning about. On the title track of their album, Norwegian kvltists Darkthrone show just how much black metal owes to the Nosferatu.

Even better, the song confronts the spectral, unholy aspects of vampirism, casting Darkthrone and their brethren as hungry shadows whose only heat comes from gushing blood. Though most famous for their punchy radio his Freak Of The Week, Atlanta pop-rock crew Marvelous 3 also wrote perhaps the sweetest vampire ballad of all time. For fans of Near Dark, the Misfits provide the ultimate punk take on vampirism. There are only so many swooping archdukes and candelabras you can take before you just want that grinning street kid wearing a bib of blood. Even those for whom Rob is normally not heavy enough can get behind this bludgeoning song. The undead here are those found in stories by authors like Stephen King and Clive Barker, taloned servants of hell who give you terrible nightmares and invade your home in the form of shadows.

This presentation of vampires as a hive-mind of merciless hunger is indicative of the psychological approach to evil that gave Slayer the foundation for their brand of stark sonic darkness. On the title track of their groundbreaking third album, macabre Michigan death metallers The Black Dahlia Murder write about a concept we all know deep in our hearts: that vampires have a society just beneath the surface of our own, and are perpetually working on a way to murder the sun.

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