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Analysis Of Lazlos Journey To Heaven

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Heaven to Earth, Earth To Heaven, Heaven To Earth, Tranfer

Noah may have wondered: What is rain? What does rain look like and feel like? How will it destroy the earth? Also consider Daniel. He was a great prophet of God. God gave him an end time prophesy to record for future generations. Although he spoke and recorded the words, he did not understand the meaning. He says: "Although I heard, I did not understand. Then I said, 'My Lord, what shall be the end of these things? So, we do not always understand the things that happen along our journey. Like Daniel, we trust in the Lord, obey His word, and remain confident that we will receive the promise.

Third, our pilgrimage requires sacrifice. As an athlete must sacrifice to condition his body, we must also sacrifice to discipline our body and bring it into subjection. Using this metaphor, Paul says: "Therefore I run thus: not with uncertainty. Thus I fight: not as one who beats the air. But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified" 1 Cor. Jesus said: "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what is a man profited if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?

Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul" Matt. Fourth, faith keeps us on our journey to heaven. Having presented Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and Sarah as faithful pilgrims, Paul says: "These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off were assured of them, embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth. For those who say such things declare plainly that they seek a homeland" Heb. Think about yourself: Are you a child of God living in faith? Have you embraced the promises of God? Do you confess that you are a stranger and pilgrim on the earth? Are you declaring that you seek a homeland? Internet Marketing by Image Building Media. Crossword Puzzles.

Bible Study Books. Links: History. Links: Internet Radio. Links: Photos. Links Evidences. Search BibleStudyGuide. Home Articles Salvation. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Bible Study. Audio Lessons. Video Lessons. Video Devotions. We see it every day. The shipwrecks of marriage are familiar to all of us. Thus we must feel that, if we fail in our marriage, we have more or less failed in our spiritual life. If we succeed in our marriage, we have also succeeded in our spiritual life.

Success or failure, progress or ruin, in our spiritual life, begins with our marriage. Because this is such a serious matter, let us consider some of the conditions necessary for a happy, truly Christian marriage. In order to have a successful marriage, one must have the appropriate upbringing from an early age. Just as a child must study, just as he learns to think, and take an interest in his parents or his health, so too must he be prepared in order to be able to have a successful marriage. But in the age in which we live, no one is interested in preparing their children for this great mystery, a mystery which will play the foremost role in their lives.

Parents are not interested, except in the dowry, or in other such financial matters, in which they are deeply interested. The child, from an early age, must learn to love, to give, to suffer deprivation, to obey. He must learn to feel that the purity of his soul and body is a valuable treasure to be cherished as the apple of his eye. The character of the child must be shaped properly, so that he becomes an honest, brave, decisive, sincere, cheerful person, and not a half, self-pitying creature, who constantly bemoans his fate, a weak-willed thing without any power of thought or strength.

From an early age, the child should learn to take an interest in a particular subject or occupation, so that tomorrow he will be in a position to support his family, or, in the case of a girl, also to help, if this is necessary. A woman must learn to be a housewife, even if she has an education. She should learn to cook, to sew, to embroider. But, my good Father, you may say, this is all self- evident.

But one should not delay, because delay is a mortal danger to the soul. As a rule, the normal rhythm of the spiritual life begins with marriage. The child should discuss matters with his parents, because they have a special intuition enabling them to be aware of the things which concern them. Ultimately he should be free to make his own decision. Nothing good comes from pressure. You must help him, but you must also allow him to choose the person he prefers or loves—but not someone he pities or feels sorry for. Only a person whom he or she prefers or loves can stand by the side of your child.

Both the man and the woman should be attracted to each other, and they should truly want to live together, in an inward way, unhurriedly. On this matter, however, it is not possible to pressure our children. Sometimes, out of our love, we feel that they are our possessions, that they are our property, and that we can do what we want with them. And thus our child becomes a creature incapable of living life either married or unmarried.

Of course, the process of getting acquainted, which is such a delicate issue—but of which we are often heedless—should take place before marriage. It should open our eyes, to see the other person as he is, with his faults. And acquaintanceship must always be linked with engagement, which is an equally difficult matter. During the engagement, we must be especially careful. If we are, we will have fewer problems and fewer disappointments after the wedding. Someone once said that, during the period of getting to know one another, you should hold on to your heart firmly with both hands, as if it were a wild animal.

You know how dangerous the heart is: instead of leading you to marriage, it can lead you into sin. But then it will be too late, because your angel will have turned out to be made of clay. But when you see the other person tied to his mother or father, when you see that he obeys them with his mouth hanging open, and is prepared to do whatever they tell him, keep well away. The man you will make your husband should be spirited. Be on your guard against grumblers, moaners, and gloomy people who are like dejected birds. Also be on your guard against religious fanatics and the overly pious. Those, that is, who get upset over trivial things, who are critical of everything and hypersensitive.

How are you going to live with such a person? It will be like sitting on thorns. Also look out for those who regard marriage as something bad, as a form of imprisonment. Watch out for certain pseudo-Christians, who see marriage as something sordid, as a sin, who immediately cast their eyes down when they hear anything said about it [2]. If you marry someone like this, he will be a thorn in your flesh, and a burden for his monastery if he becomes a monk.

There is another serious matter to which you should also pay attention: heredity. Get to know well the father, the mother, the grandfather, the grandmother, the uncle. Also, the basic material prerequisites should be there. Does he or she have faith? If Christ means nothing to him, how are you going to be able to enter his heart? If he has not been able to value Christ, do you think he will value you? Discuss things in advance with your spiritual father.

Examine every detail with him, and he will stand by your side as a true friend, and, when you reach the desired goal, then your marriage will be a gift from God cf. God gives his own gift to each one of us. He leads one person to marriage and another to virginity. If you choose your spouse in this way, then thank God. Bring him into touch with your spiritual father. You will have many difficulties in life. There will be a storm of issues. Worries will surround you, and maintaining your Christian life will not be easy.

God will help you. Do what is within your power. Can you read a spiritual book for five minutes a day? Then read. Can you pray for five minutes a day? But neither should you be content with whatever progress you may have already made. Lift up your heart to God. Imitate those who have given everything to God, and do what you can to be like them, even if all you can do is to desire in your heart to be like them. Leave the action to Christ. And when you advance in this way, you will truly sense what is the purpose of marriage. Otherwise, as a blind person wanders about, so too will you wander in life.

What then is the purpose of marriage? I will tell you three of its main aims. First of all, marriage is a path of pain. Marriage is a journeying together, a shared portion of pain, and, of course, a joy. Man and wife will drink from the same cup of upheaval, sadness, and failure. We will have dark hours, hours of sorrow filled with burdens, monotonous hours. But in the depths of the night, we continue to believe in the sun and the light. Oh, my dear friends, who can say that his life has not been marked by difficult moments? But it is no small thing to know that, in your difficult moments, in your worries, in your temptations, you will be holding in your hand the hand of your beloved.

The New Testament says that every man will have pain, especially those who enter into marriage. But if you do marry, you are not doing anything wrong, it is no sin. Remember: from the moment you marry, he says, you will have much pain, you will suffer, and your life will be a cross, but a cross blossoming with flowers. Your marriage will have its joys, its smiles, and its beautiful things.

But during the days of sunshine, remember that all the lovely flowers conceal a cross, which can emerge into your sunshine at any moment. Life is not a party, as some people think, and after they get married take a fall from heaven to earth. It is an adulteration of marriage for us to think that it is a road to happiness, as if it were a denial of the cross. The joy of marriage is for husband and wife to put their shoulders to the wheel and together go forward on the uphill road of life. Only those who suffer can really love. Just as steel is fashioned in a furnace, just so is a person proved in marriage, in the fire of difficulties. When you see your marriage from a distance, everything seems wonderful. God sends his grace to all of us.

He sends it, however, when he sees that we are willing to suffer. Some people, as soon as they see obstacles, run away. They forget God and the Church. But faith, God, and the Church, are not a shirt that you take off as soon as you start to sweat. Marriage, then, is a journey through sorrows and joys. When the sorrows seem overwhelming, then you should remember that God is with you. He will take up your cross. It was he who placed the crown of marriage on your head.

He leads us forward very slowly. Sometime[s] he takes years. We have to experience pain, otherwise life would have no meaning. Rom 8. Second, marriage is a journey of love. God unites two people, and makes them one. From this union of two people, who agree to synchronize their footsteps and harmonize the beating of their hearts, a new human being emerges. Through such profound and spontaneous love, the one becomes a presence, a living reality, in the heart of the other. My husband, my wife, is a part of my being, of my flesh, of my soul. He or she complements me. He or she is the thought of my mind. He or she is the reason for which my heart beats. Each wears a ring with the name of the other written on it, which is placed on the finger from which a vein runs directly to the heart.

That is, the name of the other is written on his own heart. The one, we could say, gives the blood of his heart to the other. He or she encloses the other within the core of his being. He was taken aback. What a strange question! The husband lives to love his wife, and the wife lives to love her husband. The most fundamental thing in marriage is love, and love is about uniting two into one. God abhors separation and divorce. He wants unbroken unity cf. Mt

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