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The Crucible Title Analysis

The Roman period shows The Crucible Title Analysis innovations, with crucibles for new methods used to produce new alloys. THINK Step 1: Analyse The first thing to note about this prompt is that it's a theme-based prompt, focussing specifically on the theme of The Crucible Title Analysis, which plays a The Crucible Title Analysis role throughout the novel! A girl in Salem, who works for the town doctor. The Crucible Title Analysis interest essay examples. Within the frame of the main window, the windows of each apartment Adam Shepard Research Paper The Crucible Title Analysis mini The Crucible Title Analysis within the big The Crucible Title Analysis, Racial Preferences In Speed Dating the The Crucible Title Analysis of voyeurism The Crucible Title Analysis in the zimbardo-stanford prison experiment. I find it to be one The Crucible Title Analysis the most intriguing texts of our time - managing to The Crucible Title Analysis together a historical narrative with humour, wit, and modern-day social concerns regarding patriarchy, class, and is ferb adopted effects of isolation. So ultimately, you have to look at The Crucible Title Analysis memories are distorted throughout the The Crucible Title Analysis, and evaluate whether this process is ultimately helpful to the characters or not.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller - Themes

However, Mandel also displays a belief in the positives which can be gleaned by those who inherently distort their memories as a mechanism to process traumatic times in their lives, arguing this can provoke significant, tangible benefits. Conveyed through the non-linear structure of her novel, Mandel sculpts parallels between Tyler and Kristen given their similar ages and respective connections to protagonist Arthur through him serving as their father and father figure respectively, with the significant difference being that only the latter was able to forget 'the year [she] spent on the road…the worst of it' 5.

As such, only Kirsten is able to adequately move on from this extremely traumatic period in her life, exemplifying Mandel's credence in how the distortion of memories can truly serve as an invaluable coping mechanism allowing individuals to overcome significant harm, with Kirsten experiencing a large degree of post-lapsarian fulfilment given her 'friendships' with her fellow members of the Travelling Symphony, her 'only home'. Despite Kirsten's past being underpinned by significant violence, with her having three 'knife tattoos' to commemorate those she has had to kill in order to survive, her continued ability to adapt her memories into less traumatic ones is applauded, with her murders having been portrayed as occurring 'slowly…sound drained from the earth' as a way for her to process 'these men [which she] will carry with [her] for the rest of [her] life', thereby exposing Mandel's credence in the necessity of being able to overcome trauma through distorting memories.

As such, she ironically went on to perform Romeo and Juliet following one such event which, given Mandel's depiction of the unparalleled significance of artistic forms of expressionism facilitating human wellbeing as Kirsten 'never feels more alive' than when she performs, exposes Mandel's illumination of how altering false realities 6 can ultimately provoke tangible benefits given Kirsten's ability to simply move on despite the traumatising nature of the truth. Ultimately, through the juxtaposition between Tyler and Kirstens' distortion 7 of memories, Mandel expounds how distorting memories can wield both consequences and benefits, with the latter occurring when employed subconsciously by individuals to process harmful memories.

Annotations 5 It is quite sophisticated to go back to the construction of the novel throughout the essay as opposed to just briefly mentioning it in the introduction! This shows you truly understand why the author structured the novel the way she did, which in this case is to highlight the similarities and differences between Kristen and Tyler. We are showing that our argument is well-structured and follows logical patterns.

Furthermore, Mandel similarly explores the benefits of utilising the distortion of memories as a coping mechanism and how, especially when this is done through the lens of nostalgia, it can facilitate unprecedented satisfaction. Indeed, Clark is depicted to be the literal embodiment of post-lapsarian fulfilment 8 given his ability to, albeit through rose-tinted glasses, appreciate the 'taken-for-granted miracles' of the 'former world' through his position as the 'Curator' at the 'Museum of Civilisation'.

Subsequently, he serves to expose Mandel's belief in the benefits of altering one's recollections in an overwhelmingly positive manner. As such, Clark 'spend[s] more time in the past…letting his memories overtake him' as he maintains integral cultural artefacts which 'had no practical use but that people wanted to preserve'. This ultimately eventuates into a significant degree of fulfilment for not only Clark himself, but also the other residents of the Severn City Airport, the children of whom 'like all educated children everywhere…. In doing so Mandel highlights her belief regarding the significance underpinning the benefits which can be gained from those whose memories are distorted to cope with losses in a positive manner, arguing this can enable a substantial increase in wellbeing.

This is exacerbated through the juxtaposition in Clark's pre- and post-lapsarian fulfilment, for in the former he is denigrated as merely an unhappy 'minimally present Overall, through her portrayal of Clark's satisfaction despite his elderly status and the loss of everyone dear to him, Mandel exposes her belief in the value of distorting one's memories in an overwhelmingly positive manner, advocating this can facilitate the forming of one's intrinsic purpose and thus fulfilment. Annotations 8 You want to show how characters correlate to specific themes, and if one embodies a particular idea, then you should clearly state that! It shows examiners you really know your stuff. See this blog for more about the themes and characters in Station Eleven.

Ultimately, Emily St. Whilst she cautions her audience against the dangers of adhering to selective recollections, she simultaneously presents the benefits which can be garnered from this, alongside the ability to liberate oneself from such harmful memories. Writing a film analysis can be daunting in comparison to analysing a written text. As the blinds roll up to reveal the apartment complex, a medium shot of the wide-open windows of each apartment immediately convey to the audience an environment of an uncomfortable openness.

However, despite this, the separation of each apartment by brick walls as a separate entity on its own serves as a symbol of the widespread suspicion characteristic of the McCarthyian era. Within the frame of the main window, the windows of each apartment act as mini frames within the big frame, multiplying the sense of voyeurism present in the shot. Although seemingly insignificant, the brown tabby cat that runs across the steps of Greenwich Village represents freedom and individual autonomy, later comparable to the character of Lisa in the film.

The compounding sense of surveillance during the s add more meaning to the freedom symbolised by the cat, which can then be contrasted to the suppressed independence of the protagonist, who is seen invalid in a wheelchair in the next shot:. By this extreme close-up shot of Jeff sleeping in his wheelchair during the opening sequence, Hitchcock immediately places the viewer in an uncomfortable position as the original and ultimate voyeur, surpassing the intimate boundaries of the protagonist. The stifling temperature of the season foreshadows imminent tension about to unfold in the film, as does the following close-up shot:.

This close shot of a destroyed, seemingly irreparable camera, literally reflects the cyclic nature of broken dreams characteristic of Greenwich Village, and also signifies that Jeff too has been hurt literally by radical pursuits in his progression. Despite varying in size and setting, they all share a single point of similarity; they all focus on sights of destruction, such as the race car crash or the remains of a volcanic eruption.

The last photograph the camera focuses on in the opening sequence is the picture taken by Jeff of an elegant woman, who bears a striking resemblance to Lisa. Want to save this for later? Download a PDF version of this blog here. Planning is an essential part of any successful text response essay. For a specific type of prompt, you have specific criteria to meet — for example, in a metalanguage-based prompt , you immediately know that any evidence you brainstorm in your planning stage should be based around the literary techniques used in your given text.

In regard to this Macbeth prompt, for example, you could explore the different ways the theme of ambition is presented in the text. Additionally, the themes of guilt and power are intimately related to ambition in the text, so you can use those other ideas to aid your brainstorming and get you a step ahead of the rest of the state come exam day. Once you know this, you can assume that each example you brainstorm has to be relevant to the specific character named in the prompt in some way. Remember, however, that the actions of characters are always connected to the themes and ideas the author is trying to convey. This can be achieved by discussing metalanguage — language that describes language read my blog post about it here.

These prompts tell you immediately that you need to be thinking about the literary techniques explored in the text and explain how they affect the narrative. Rear Window. This type of prompt is very similar to How-based prompts, specifically in the fact that the discussion of literary techniques is essential. For this type of prompt specifically, however, the actual techniques used can form more of a basis for your arguments, unlike in How-based prompts.

There are two main things that you should do when presented with this type of prompt. Firstly, contextualise the quote in your essay and try to use it in your analysis in some way. Secondly, interpret the themes and issues addressed in the quote and implement these into your discussion. The best place to do both of these is in a body paragraph — it weaves in seamlessly and allows for a good amount of analysis, among other reasons! When faced with unknown prompts in a SAC or your exam, it's reassuring to have a formulaic breakdown of the prompt so that your brain immediately starts categorising the prompt - which of the 5 types of prompts does this one in front of me fall into?

Metalanguage is language that describes language. The simplest way to explain this is to focus on part 3 of the English exam — Language Analysis. For a detailed discussion, see What is metalanguage? William Wordsworth was a British poet and primary co-founder of the Romantic literary movement. He strongly believed that the poetry of the nineteenth century was much too fast-paced and too mindless to be able to evoke a meaningful message to the reader. As such, Wordsworth and fellow poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge founded a new style of poetry through their co-written Lyrical Ballads , a collection of poetry which attempted to unite the human condition with the tranquility of nature. The Romantic movement of poetry was founded during the Industrial Revolution, a period in which people were growing farther from the serene comfort of nature and closer towards modern mechanisation and mass manufacturing.

As such, a primary characteristic of Romantic poetry is nature, as poets attempted to remind humanity of its meditative respite, and the comfort it could provide in the backdrop of the pollution that accompanied the growing industrialisation of England. Wordsworth was a pantheist and believed that God was within every aspect of the natural world. As a result of the harsh rigidity and rationality of the Enlightenment era, all human sentiments, from melancholiness to hopefulness, were celebrated by Romantics as important instruments in poetry to remind the common people of sentimentality in a modern and intransigent era. The Industrial Revolution oversaw the creation of distinct class differences between the extremely wealthy class of businessmen, and financially struggling workers and entrepreneurs.

Poets, like all other artists, were forced to become increasingly independent and needed to rely on their unique vision and style in order to succeed in their gradually declining line of work. The Romantics subsequently began to view themselves as heroes who challenged and overcame the social challenges that arose; as champions of independence and self-awareness.

As such, Romantic poetry often features characters or symbols of valiant heroism, as the poet acts as a visionary figure in his work, like a prophet telling of poetic self-awareness. For example, his biographical poem, The Prelude recounts his ascent of Mount Snowdon and the sublime emotions he experiences as a result of its powerful atmosphere. His work focuses on the intertwined pleasure and terror that is generated as a result of such experiences, and how either end of the spectrum is ultimately beautiful and inspiring. The rhyme and the rhythmic beat of the poem give it a sound comparable to a nursery-rhyme. This works in tandem with the Romantic viewpoint that great poetic language should be simple, accessible and conversational; as understandable to the common people as a nursery rhyme is to a child.

As such, Wordsworth here strengthens his viewpoint through his poetic words; that nature should be a mentor to all. After recalling his experiences with nature over his formative and adult years, the speaker now addresses his younger sister Dorothy, as he gives her heartfelt advice about what he has learnt. This is an ode to the harshness of the society at the time, in which the privileged businessmen and factory owners possessed a monopoly over British wealth, and accompanying prejudices clouded social judgement.

This symbolises the omnipresent timelessness of nature. The language utilised in this poem is lucid and natural, characteristic of Romantic poetry. The simplicity of the words chosen by Wordsworth effectively communicate the honesty of his own emotions towards nature. Happy learning! Hey guys. Welcome back to Lisa's Study Guides. Right now, it's in the middle of December, and I know that most of you should have finished school by now, and you're enjoying your school holidays. Because it is summer holidays, and most people aren't really studying right now, this is for the truly keen beans, the people who are reading the text before the school starts, which, by the way, you should be doing. I'll pop that video in a card up above and so if you are studying Burial Rites, then this video is for you.

If you're not, as always, it doesn't really matter because the type of advice that I will be giving would definitely be relevant to any text, because it's more about your thinking and how you actually go around approaching essay topics. This book covers the last few months of her life, living with these people who she's sharing her story with. She has been sentenced because she has murdered Natan. And although we first initially hear that she has murdered this guy, when we start to hear her story develop, that's when we start to see that there are shades of gray.

That she did have reason behind what she did, and you can start to feel quite sympathetic towards her. At the same time, though, and this is what today's essay question will be about. There's a lot to do with the patriarchy. Agnes being not just a woman, but an intelligent woman, was something that was looked down upon, and people were scared of that. That's just to give you a little bit of context so that we can start this essay topic. What are the keywords here? To me, they are women, no power, patriarchy and dominates. These words really stand out to me, and these are the words that I feel are necessary for me to focus on in order to answer this prompt properly. The second step that I do is I define keywords. So what I do here is I try to understand what the keywords mean and also their implications.

So this is how I'm going to break down this essay prompt. I am going to do two body paragraphs where I agree and one body paragraph where I disagree. So this should mean that I'm only agreeing to a certain extent. Here's a video about this type of essay structure and response:. So my first body paragraph is yes, under male authority, the women are robbed of freedom and power. My example for that would be Agnes, who is the protagonist.

She is a woman who's being sentenced to death for murdering Natan, more about him later, and, as a result, society condemns her and she's robbed of her identity and freedom. My second body paragraph would be another agreement, but this time I'm going to focus on the men. In this second body paragraph, my argument is men hold exploitative power over women. One, Natan, the person who was murdered, toys with all his whores, demonstrating male dominance in s Iceland. All his workmaids are stranded, shipwrecked with nowhere else to go, highlighting women's hopelessness in changing their situation.

Additionally, there's Blondal. So Blondal is a government authority and he's torn when commanding Lauga, Lauga, not too sure how to say that. You guys let me know. The third one is one where I disagree. Here will be that there are rare instances of female empowerment in the novel. The first one will be Rosa, the poet. So Rosa has an affair with Natan, but Kent praises Rosa and she's described to be a wonderful woman and beautiful.

Rosa transcends patriarchal structures, as she is assertive, headstrong, going against social codes in an act of female empowerment. The second one will be Agnes. Her storytelling and ability to express what she is inside allows her to gain a voice in the patriarchal world that has silenced her. Through her storytelling, she asserts her self-worth and dignity and despite the fact that she has been locked down, she is being treated like crap by the men, her ability to hold herself strong and to be able to face her death with dignity means that with some sense, at least from within, that sense of empowerment has not been completely diminished. Here are over 20 Oral Presentation Ideas for you if you're presenting a speech on Australian issues in the media.

See last year's Oral Presentation Ideas here. Best of luck! Often, beginning a Language Analysis essay can be tough. How do you start? Do you even need to write an introduction? If you exemplify consideration of the information provided to you in your analysis, you will show a deeper understanding of the issue, and your analysis will be more accurate and detailed. Aim to demonstrate that you understand why the article was written, and its surrounding circumstances. This gives the article a wider context, and helps the audience understand why the author may have a certain viewpoint.

It is also good practice to properly reference the article in your analysis, which includes the date, author, source and title. The form of a Language Analysis text can vary, from newspaper articles, blogs, comics or even speeches. Each form has its own set of conventions which can help you identify language techniques, and can change the way the message is communicated to the audience. For example, in a speech, the speaker is more likely to directly address their audience than the editor of a newspaper may in an editorial. When writing a Language Analysis essay or any essay for that matter , always refer to the author by either their full name, their surname only, or a title and a surname - NEVER by their first name alone.

For example: 'Lyle Shelton', 'Mr. Lyle Shelton', 'Mr. Shelton' and 'Shelton' are all okay to use in your essay. However, you would never use 'Lyle' on its own. The source of a text can influence your understanding of the audience. For example, an article written on a blog about gardening is likely to have a different audience to a financial journal. Including the source is also an important so that the article is properly referenced. Including the title in the introduction is critical to properly introducing the article.

Remember to analyse major techniques in the title if there are any during the body of your essay! Depending on the audience, different techniques and appeals may work in different ways. For example, an appeal to the hip-pocket nerve is more likely to have an effect on single parents who are struggling financially than it is on young children or very wealthy people. Pretend that you have a chance to talk to your hero: what questions would you write down to conduct an analysis?

Read the original story to find some proper quotes to answer these questions; make sure to cite every quote properly. Choose something like:. We recommend using extra study materials and prepared templates to write a character analysis essay every teacher wants to see. The best way to write a perfect analysis essay is to find excellent samples online. We also encourage you to try one of the worksheets attached.

Try to keep your ideas and entire character study organized:. Those were the main tips each student must remember when writing a character analysis essay; it is time to read the last three recommendations. Also, it is interesting to read this article to find ways to write a successful essay of any type as a part of English test. When you write, it is critical to concentrate on something. Even though the main goal is to conduct a character's in-depth analysis, you should still define the main point of the paper.

Name all features of your hero and his or her role in the story. Then, highlight only one trait that you find to be the most curious. In other words, define that one thing that made you choose this character unless you were assigned your topic. Here is an example of great analysis focus. Both Harry Potter and Buffy Summers have a hard mission they should accomplish by sacrificing their own lives. Write down about this trait in your character analysis. Present evidence from credible and up-to-date sources to support every aspect of your character analysis. As far as most of the time you will have to provide analysis of fictional character, scientific materials and academic journals won't do. Be ready to find evidence from the piece of literature you're working on.

You will have to prove your awareness with the in-text citations and indirect quotes from the book or movie your hero comes from. At the end of your character analysis essay, you need to find out whether the information you have provided throughout the text would be useful for detectives. Will they identify a character using your writing? Have you mentioned the most outstanding and important traits of your chosen person? A killer analysis essay conclusion might reveal one more aspect of your target character which would be a shock to the audience. Finally, you must write down the reasons for choosing this character out of all other alternatives. Do you wonder what to include in a character analysis paper? There are three things that make any character analysis essay specific.

Relationships: Write down the names of people with whom your target character interact most of all during the entire story development. Explain specific goals for choosing these characters to describe the target hero. On the examples of their relationships, a writer can point to the place of the chosen character in the story and explain his actions. Author's Main Goal: When you write about the personality, it is important to specify the character's type see the full list of types above. As expected from previous information, diverse ions have a screening effect on dissociated ions which leads to extra dissociation.

Solubility will show a clear increase in presence of diverse ions as the solubility product will increase. Look at the following example:. The activity coefficients for silver and chloride are 0. We can no longer use the thermodynamic equilibrium constant i. We have calculated the solubility of AgCl in pure water to be 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the measurements of gravitational field, see Gravimetry. This article is written like a manual or guidebook. Please help rewrite this article from a descriptive, neutral point of view , and remove advice or instruction.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved January 8, Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry 7th ed. LCCN January 8, James; Skoog, Douglas A. Fundamentals of analytical chemistry. Philadelphia: Saunders College Pub. ISBN Reactions of Acids and Bases in Analytical Chemistry. Archived from the original PDF on November 18, Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry Seventh ed.

Fundamentals of Analytical Chemistry. Saunders and Harcourt Brace. Corey, Paul F ed. General Chemistry: Principals and Modern Applications. New York: Macmilan Publishing Company. Analytical chemistry. Atomic absorption spectrometer Flame emission spectrometer Gas chromatograph High-performance liquid chromatograph Infrared spectrometer Mass spectrometer Melting point apparatus Microscope Optical spectrometer Spectrophotometer. Calorimetry Chromatography Electroanalytical methods Gravimetric analysis Ion-mobility spectrometry Mass spectrometry Spectroscopy Titration.

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Theme vs. The second The Crucible Title Analysis that skinner behaviour theory do is I define The Crucible Title Analysis. Planning is an essential part of any The Crucible Title Analysis text response essay. The lids are The Crucible Title Analysis loose-fitting to allow gases to escape during the Benefits Of College of a sample inside. The Dressmaker speaks extensively about social class. The Crucible Title Analysis Chemistry: The Crucible Title Analysis and Modern Applications.