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Hillbilly Elegy Summary

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Around the same time, his mom became a nurse. Even though she did not go to university, she had a great self-disciplined attitude concerning her schooling. She gave Vance this same attitude as well, and they were a mostly peaceful unit. This, however, did not continue. At the age of 9, Vance started to witness turbulence in this household too. Around this time, his caregivers agreed to live in Preble County.

But, their fights still continued which affected J. As a result, his grades started to drop, and the traumatic events he experienced were disturbing his well-being. Still, there were even more hardships to come. When Bob, at last, accosted her about how he was cheating on him, she would try to kill herself for the first time by crashing their vehicle. Following this harrowing experience, Vance and his mom went back to Middletown, which had become the place of junkies. His mother was also an alcoholic. When she drive him to the shopping center as a way of apologizing for her alcohol abuse one day, she almost caused both of their deaths. She purposefully put her feet on gas because of some remarks J. D made that upset her.

In the end, she, fortunately, stooped before causing a deadly accident, but instead beat him up quite violently. She became so unmanageable that the cups had to restrain her. Thankfully, his birth father was about to enter his life again. He was turned into a really religious Christian, and J. D was also about to treasure both this religion and his estranged dad. The only solid father figure he knew was Papaw. So, when his grandfather died, it affected Vance deeply as a preteen. The effect this death had on his mom was also quite apparent. After this loss, she was ushered into a psych ward at last. During this time, she was with a firefighter called Matt. She started using pills to help her control herself, and yet she would also be fired from her job as a nurse after a rollerblading incident.

After a while, she again tried to kill herself. This time she was sent to a psych ward and a rehab for her to recover. After his mother was out of the psych ward, she went to stay with his birth father. Although Bex begged for him to come to Ohio to stay with her, he strongly declined this. Though his father had provided him a somewhat serene life, his grandmother missed him, and he missed her too. After his mother found a new spouse, Ken, she made J. D come and live with them. This was house number four J. He was naturally tired of this situation. Constantly changing his location like this had weighed upon him. As a result, he again was not doing well in school as he even almost quit it all together.

However, after his mother and Ken separated, he would again live with Mamaw, which would help him turn his life around. Mamaw cared about three things: J. D had to do well in school, become employed, and provide aid around the house. She was rigid in applying these rules, and J. Around this time, he was taught so many things by Mamaw. She paid for his additional mathematics courses, and the gadgets he needed in them as well as making sure he knew the values of discipline and responsibility. In spite of her authoritarian attitude, he finally found peace and enjoyment in life.

Everything seemed to be going fine. Not only did he got great results in his SATs, but he was also finally content in his life. Yet, he had no idea what his aspirations in life were. He would either apply for university or for the Marines. In the end, he chose the Marines. So, he spent the formative years starting with the age of eighteen in the military. More significantly, he learned how to become a true leader; someone who does not order people about, but someone who is collaborative and thus respected among peers.

Her lungs could not function after her lifelong of smoking. Needless to say, she was the greatest gift life bestowed upon J. He was accepted to Ohio State University in mostly because of the support Mamaw provided. He was exhilarated to turn a new leaf in life in this place. The military helped him gain self-confidence; he was doing great grade-wise and was able to meet his own personal needs. The striking contrast between his contentment and the misery of his acquaintances in Middletown was apparent. At last, being able to find a profession with good benefits seemed like a real option for him.

In , he finished his double major in the university with honors. His drive in law continued as a year later he went to Yale to focus on law. He found himself dazzled by this experience in a good way. At Yale, he was able to find a challenging environment that helped him grow. Before him, there was no one else that had gone to university in his immediate family, and none had ever gone as far as further postgraduate education in his extended one.

As a result, although he marveled at school and found a job as a team member of a senator, he was an outsider in Yale. JD remembers little from his early childhood before the age of six, but he does recall one particularly vivid memory from this period. One day, his mother picked him up from kindergarten and told him, quite matter-of-factly, that he would never see his biological father again.

In a few sentences, share your opinions on this view. When JD was eleven, his mother had to be hospitalized following a suicide attempt. This was one of his first exposures to just how deeply damaged his mother was—and how much her struggles would come to define his formative years. Ultimately, through the love and guidance of his grandparents especially Mamaw , JD would eventually come out on the other side of these traumatic experiences a better and stronger person. But his history with his mother still haunts him and he realizes that not everyone in those circumstances is as lucky to have two tough-as-nails hillbillies as his grandparents in their corner.

Although her marriage with Bob was loveless and marked by verbal and physical abuse, its deterioration clearly took a powerful emotional toll on her already-fragile and unstable psyche. As a result, JD and his sister grew having no Specifically, what lessons would it have taught him about family and domestic partnership? When JD was 13, his grandfather passed away at his home. This was obviously a major event for everyone in his family. Papaw was a man from another time and place who sometimes embodied the very worst aspects of hillbilly culture: he could be patriarchal, willing to resort to violence to resolve disputes, and clearly had a drinking problem that inflicted real trauma on his wife and children.

Most importantly, Papaw believed in the value and efficacy of hard work and tried his hardest to instill these ideals in his children and grandchildren. To him, work mattered more than luck. In doing this, Papaw taught JD that there was a difference between lack Download PDF Summaries. Download PDF Versions. Vance argues that government has little role to play in addressing the concerns of people in communities like the one where he grew up. Do you agree or disagree? Explain why in a few sentences. Try to back up your argument with real-world information.

The final three years JD lived with Mamaw were transformative. He lost interest in drug experimentation, became a good student, aced his SATs, and discovered a love of learning and exploration. He was happy, living in a stable environment, and felt for the first time that he had options in life. The next test was what to do with these options. For most kids, including most of his friends, the next logical step would have been to go to college, but JD was unsure if this was the right move for him. For starters, so few people in his family had gone to college.

It was an experience and a world that he felt little prepared for. With his grades and test scores, he certainly had the option. But when the financial aid forms for Ohio State arrived in the mail, he was discouraged. He also feared the intellectually rigorous and unstructured environment of college. He wanted to be somewhere that would help him capitalize on his potential, but still give him the guardrails and structure that would keep him on the right Have you ever under-estimated your ability to do something, only to prove yourself wrong later? Describe the situation in a few sentences. JD finally enrolled at Ohio State in , following his discharge from the Marines.

Whereas the idea of going to college had seemed daunting when he was graduating high school, now he was fear-free. After discovering what he was truly capable of in the Marines, JD felt empowered to take on any challenge. He was ready. College was a happy time for JD. Where he had nearly flunked out of high school, he was now earning straight As in every class at Ohio State. He also realized that he wanted to go to law school after completing his undergraduate studies. His thinking about this still reflected his upbringing.

During his undergraduate years, JD worked for a state legislator at the Ohio state capitol. The senator and JD shared the same brand of conservative politics and JD loved seeing how the political How have connections and relationships in your life opened doors to you that would have otherwise been closed? JD had made it. He was a successful Yale lawyer. He had beaten the odds and achieved his slice of the American Dream. But his girlfriend Usha soon to be his wife helped JD realize that he still carried the baggage of his tumultuous upbringing.

She pointed out that he still had no healthy mechanism of conflict resolution. While he might not have taken to screaming, cursing, and vicious insulting like his mother, he would withdraw completely from her at the slightest disagreement. He feared becoming like Bev and desperately wished to avoid subjecting Usha to that experience. But instead, she forgave him and explained to him that he needed to learn how to talk to her. How did you manage to reconcile your history with this person with your decision to keep them in your life? Clearly, his example shows that bright, motivated people can still achieve upward mobility in America , even if they come from circumstances of material and cultural poverty.

But he also had the love and support of his maternal grandparents, who shielded him from as much of the chaos as they Vance Book Rating by Shortform Readers: 4. This is a preview of the Shortform book summary of guide to Hillbilly Elegy by J.

Archived from the original on February 9, D was also Hillbilly Elegy Summary to Hillbilly Elegy Summary both this Hillbilly Elegy Summary and his estranged dad. Bestselling Series. Hillbilly Elegy Summary 4, Imagine Entertainment. Archived from Hillbilly Elegy Summary original on February Hillbilly Elegy Summary, Wed 7 Homelessness At Home Research Paper