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Under The Black Flag Summary

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Under the Black Flag - 01 - Introduction

Indonesia is an archipelago in Southeast Asia consisting of 17, islands 6, inhabited and straddling the equator. Its neighbor to the north is Malaysia and to the east is Papua New Guinea. Indonesia, part of the? Earthquakes are frequent. Wallace's line, a zoological demarcation between Asian and Australian flora and fauna, divides Indonesia. The 17, islands that make up Indonesia were home to a diversity of cultures and indigenous beliefs when the islands came under the influence of Hindu priests and traders in the first and second centuries A.

Muslim invasions began in the 13th century, and most of the archipelago had converted to Islam by the 15th century. Portuguese traders arrived early in the next century but were ousted by the Dutch around After Napolon subjugated the Netherlands in , the British seized the islands but returned them to the Dutch in In , Indonesia was made an integral part of the Dutch kingdom. Tokyo was primarily interested in Indonesia's oil, which was vital to the war effort, and tolerated fledgling nationalists such as Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta.

Allied troops, mostly British Indian forces, fought nationalist militias to reassert the prewar status quo until the arrival of Dutch troops. In Nov. Following a bitter war for independence, leaders on both sides agreed to terms of a union on Nov. The transfer of sovereignty took place in Amsterdam on Dec. In Feb. Hatta and Sukarno, the cofathers of Indonesian independence, split over Sukarno's concept of? Sukarno was named president for life in He enjoyed mass support for his policies, but a growing power struggle between the military and the PKI loomed over his government.

After an attempted military coup was put down by army chief of staff, General Suharto, and officers loyal to him, Suharto's forces killed hundreds of thousands of suspected Communists in a massive purge aimed at undermining Sukarno's rule. Suharto took over the reins of government and gradually eased Sukarno out of office, completing his consolidation of power in Under Suharto the military assumed an overarching role in national affairs, and relations with the West were enhanced. Indonesia's economy improved dramatically and national elections were permitted, although the opposition was so tightly controlled as to virtually choke off dissent. In , Indonesia invaded the former Portuguese half of the island of Timor; it seized the territory in A separatist movement developed at once.

More than , Timorese are reported to have died from famine, disease, and fighting since the annexation. In the summer of , Indonesia suffered a major economic setback, along with most other Asian economies. Banks failed and the value of Indonesia's currency, the rupiah, plummeted. Antigovernment demonstrations and riots broke out, directed mainly at the country's prosperous ethnic Chinese. As the economic crisis deepened, student demonstrators occupied the national parliament, demanding Suharto's ouster. On May 21, , Suharto stepped down, ending 32 years of rule, and handed over power to Vice President B. June 7, , marked Indonesia's first free parliamentary election since The ethnic, religious, and political tensions kept in check during Suharto's 32 years of authoritarian rule erupted in the months following his downfall.

But nowhere was the violence more brutal and unjust than in East Timor. Habibie unexpectedly ended 25 years of Indonesian intransigence by announcing in Feb. Twice rescheduled because of violence, a UN-organized referendum took place on Aug. In the days following the election, pro-Indonesian militias and Indonesian soldiers massacred civilians and forced a third of the population out of the region.

After enormous international pressure, the government, which was either unwilling or unable to stop the violent rampage, finally agreed to allow UN forces into East Timor on Sept. East Timor achieved independence on May 20, On Oct. Wahid was a Sufi cleric as well as an adept politician with a reputation for honesty and moderation. Rioting, bombing, and growing unrest continued to plague Indonesia in Wahid flatly opposed independence for the province, which contains sizable copper and gold mines. Unlike East Timor, there is little international support for an independent Irian Jaya. In the fall of and winter of , President Wahid came under increasing criticism for corruption and incompetence. He was blamed for not stopping ethnic clashes and killings in Aceh, Irian Jaya, the Moluccas Islands, and especially in Borneo, where the Dayak people turned against Madurese immigrants, slaughtering hundreds.

A terrorist bombing on Oct. In , Amrozi bin Nurhasyim and Imam Samudra, members of Jemaah Islamiyah, an Islamic terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda, were sentenced to death for their roles in the bombing. But the radical Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, believed to be the head of Jemaah Islamiyah, was only given a light three-year sentence on lesser charges, causing some in the international community to question Indonesia's commitment to fighting terrorism. Authorities arrested Bashir in April ? In March , he was found not guilty of terrorism charges in the bombings of Jakarta's Marriott Hotel in and the Bali nightclub. He was, however, convicted of a lesser charge?

That charge was overturned in Dec. The invasion marked the end of a cease-fire that was signed in Dec. The government and the separatists signed a peace treaty in Aug. The Acehnese agreed to give up their demand for independence in exchange for the right to establish political parties. The separatists disbanded their army in December, finalizing the end to their insurgency. In July, retired general Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono placed first in the country's inaugural direct presidential elections, but he did not garner enough votes to win outright.

However, he soundly defeated Megawati in the September runoff. On Dec. At least , people died in the disaster, and millions were left homeless. Indonesia was the heaviest hit, with more than , casualties. However, once they realize they weren't picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it's every man for himself?

A secret government agency, led by the ruthless, high-ranking official Amanda Waller, recruits some of the most dangerous, incarcerated villains on the planet to execute dangerous black ops missions and save the world from a potentially apocalyptic threat from a mysterious, supernatural entity. If anything goes wrong on this mission, the government will not be liable but rather can place the blame on the villains, who are inherently evil people. A small bomb is implanted in each member of the squad's neck with the capability of detonating any time one of the members tries to rebel or escape. It will be up to this assembled team of villains to prevail over the seemingly impossible events that will unfold before them, in what many deem to be a "suicide mission".

After the death of Superman, the leader of a secret agency, Amanda Waller, convinces the government to recruit super-villains imprisoned in Belle Reve to protect the world. Waller also assigns the command of the team to Colonel Rick Flag, who is in love with June. To convince the group to obey orders, a nanite bomb is implanted in the neck of each member.

When Enchantress releases her powerful brother, they besiege Midway City turning the residents into an army of monsters and building a powerful weapon. Meanwhile, the Joker is plotting a plan to rescue his beloved Harley Quinn. With Superman dead, the world needs a new band of superheroes to step into the breach. Senior US Intelligence officer Amanda Waller comes up with a daring plan - use extreme criminals with special abilities to fight crime, in exchange for them receiving reduced sentences. The band of crime-fighting criminals is officially known as Task Force X, but due to the nature of their mission a more appropriate name would be Suicide Squad. Under the threat of humanity's total annihilation and for fear that the next superhero saviour turns terrorist, the pitiless Government Agent from the Intelligence Division, Amanda Waller, decides to assemble an Elite force of meta-humans, the secret Task Force X.

For this reason, Waller handpicks the worst of the worst from the country's maximum security prisons; a proper circus of psychotic antisocial super villains kept on a short leash to do the Government's dirty work. Of course, none of them knows that, in reality, they form an expendable suicide squad thrown into the fire, and if anything goes wrong, the Federals will deny everything. However, Waller's plan to protect the country is flawed, and when a member of the team, the uncontrollable and omnipotent shape-shifting sorceress known as the "Enchantress" goes rogue with the intention to build a devastating machine, the squad and everyone around will need to prepare for WWIII.

Oral macrogols are easily administered at home and in the community, and may avoid the need for Under The Black Flag Summary hospital treatment. After the first review, ongoing review and reassessment should be tailored to treatment response. Reparaz praised it Under The Black Flag Summary "engrossing" and one of Under The Black Flag Summary Assassin's Creed series' Under The Black Flag Summary. Then, you can Under The Black Flag Summary colors and symbols that help to communicate this message. Several reviewers labelled Under The Black Flag Summary Flag a Under The Black Flag Summary pirate game than it is an Assassin's Creed one, due to its heavy Learning Foreign Language Essay on pirating in gameplay, story, and Under The Black Flag Summary. What kind of program should I use to design my flag? Under The Black Flag Summary July 8,