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9-11 Reflection

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Remembering 9/11, Minute by Minute

The airline industry has always been incredibly competitive. Employees ranging from pilots to flight attendants to check-in agents to ramp agents to dispatchers and more came together. People in the industry started to turn to each other for emotional support and to process the new role their jobs had taken: a frontline safety role to prevent attacks like this from ever happening again. Flight attendants began to receive more security training. The industry came together to support greater security, including new cockpit security measures. It should not be overlooked that flight attendants and pilots were some of the first responders in the air that helped alert security officials across the country of what was happening in the sky.

Those flying the planes and working the cabin lost their lives on that tragic day as well. In fact, flying is one of the safest modes of transportation. The industry is in the middle of a different kind of crisis today. The airline industry is facing a choppy return of air travel in the midst of a global health crisis — one that has led to another staggering toll of loss of life. However, the one thing that has reigned true is that the industry is stronger when it comes together.

In the early days of the crisis, key leaders at airlines and labor organized and pushed for a relief package from the US government that has helped save jobs and keep airlines afloat. Coming together, the industry made it out, bruised and battered, but still with tenacity to keep serving customers and making the skies safer. An entire generation of travelers is pushing their bags through a security screener, taking their shoes off, and walking through full-body scanners without knowing the impact of that fateful day.

I was too young to remember everything from that day. My parents worked for the US government in Washington D. In the years before the rise of smartphones with location-tracking services, my grandmother and I were at our apartment, unclear of what was happening, and my parents scrambling to get home. The first flight of my life was in after the world had changed. Many others younger than me, those same ones who will start to occupy more seats flown previously by business travelers, those same ones who will start families and fly down to Orlando to visit Disney, and those same ones who will be the next frequent fliers.

Together, we will neverforget. Together in the name of safety. Together in the name of travel. Together in the magic of flight. This is a lesson that should never be forgotten and must continue to be passed down. Follow him on social media for all his latest travel updates. More great Simple Flying content:. New regional balances of power will inevitably be forged, and they should be welcomed rather than reflexively considered a threat to American interests.

Biden has made strides with his foreign policy, but the bar was set awfully low by his predecessor. It will take the American people to hold leaders accountable to a higher standard. It would be wise also to ground our policy on a more realistic view of the challenges we face. So far, there is limited hope that Biden has the opportunity to better cooperate with Russia. The widespread campaign to portray Russia as a menacing global threat is deeply wrongheaded. Moreover, a renewed Cold War narrows the space for democratic forces and strengthens the hand of a repressive state and the influence of nationalist voices—on both sides. China, on the other hand, is an emerging global power, a mercantilist dictatorship that has had remarkable success in lifting its people out of poverty.

Trump abandoned the strategic neoliberalism of his predecessors, replacing the Trans-Pacific Partnership with threats of an ill-advised trade war against China, while gearing up US military presence in the South China Sea. Biden has predictably continued the trade war against China. Our allies and the other nations in Asia have reasons of their own to counter growing Chinese power, and they would be better equipped to do so if they could rely on consistent US diplomatic support rather than militarism and bluster. The neoliberal approach—the so-called Washington Consensus—has generated rising inequality and faces increasing resistance, both domestic and international.

To create an economy that works for working people , there is work to be done to transform that model here and abroad. If we were to free ourselves from endless war, the United States would be better able to focus on real security imperatives, chief among them the growing destructiveness of climate change. There is growing awareness and support for the belief that working with other nations will enable a much faster transition to an economy free of fossil fuels.

Globalisation and climate change are generating severe dislocations and the spread of more diseases such as COVID International cooperation has brought remarkable successes in this area, and when the United States has been involved, our efforts have not only strengthened our alliances, but protected Americans from the disruptions posed by massive refugee movements and deadly plagues. Our security is best served when we provide a model for the values we champion. It is time, therefore, to focus on strengthening our democracy and economy at home. The greatest threat comes not from interventions by Russia or other foreign actors, but rather from the flood of dark money into our elections, the cynical efforts to suppress votes , and the gerrymandering of electoral districts.

Yet it was not their policies, but ours—engineered by multinational corporations and banks that rigged the economy for their own profit—that allowed this to happen. Sensible reforms like these already enjoy broad support among the American people. Americans have no desire to police the world. Their failure to live up to those promises reflects the influence of the military-industrial-academic complex and an elite national security establishment, both of which remain wedded to permanent war and global surveillance. The US desperately needs a fierce and energetic citizen intervention—a movement that demands both a reckoning and a change in course.

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