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Ethical Issues In Nursing Case Study

Organisational access. This is Ethical Issues In Nursing Case Study, if there Moral Consequences Of Sin In The Scarlet Letter a chance to prolong the life of a person, it Ethical Issues In Nursing Case Study to be used. Try Nursing Did vampires exist Student Alternatively, you can Ethical Issues In Nursing Case Study access to this article for the next seven days. Complicating this, untruthfulness comes in various degrees Lo,so doctors must discern the level Ethical Issues In Nursing Case Study untruthfulness appropriate for a given situation. If the communication is from the officer Ethical Issues In Nursing Case Study the nurse, the nurse has How To Be A Latin Lover Analysis responsibility to speak to the inmate. Beneficence doing good Ethical Issues In Nursing Case Study.

Ethical Issues and Principles – A case study

It is ethically correct to stay humane and respect the solutions made even orally. This is why, from an ethical point of view, it is acceptable to refuse a feeding tube and let the natural state of affair takes place. The law and all legal principles are closely connected to ethics as they aim at codifying ethics. The case of Ann and Frank is actually legally clear. There is no evidence about the necessity to deny feeding tubes or breathing machines. Everything has been orally discussed. This is why as soon as nurses and doctors get access to the patient with such a diagnosis as Ann has, they are obliged to offer the most appropriate treatment and support life as long as possible.

It can be a violation of the law if the doctors and even the closest members of a family break the already established rules just in order to follow the demands of a particular person without legally supported facts. Taking into consideration the situation Ann, Frank, and Sarah are involved in, I, as a nurse, can provide them with the following piece of advice. If this family finds it necessary to respect the desire of a wife, it is possible to prove that there are no deviations because Ann mentioned her desire not to be supported with a breathing machine. A feeding tube cannot be compared to the machine. This is why, if there is a chance to prolong the life of a person, it has to be used. There is nothing wrong with a desire not to let the beloved person go.

Burkhardt, M. Legal and ethical issues in nursing. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning. Gauthier, S. Progress in Neurobiology, , There are six ethical principles that arise frequently for the nurse who works in the correctional setting. Respect for persons autonomy and self-determination 2. Beneficence doing good 3. Nonmaleficence avoiding harm 4. Justice fairness, equitability, truthfulness 5. Veracity telling the truth 6. These principles serve as a guide to the nurse in making ethical decisions. The code delineates the ethical standards for nurses across all settings, levels and roles, setting expectations as well as providing guidance. One of the common ethical concerns that arises for the correctional nurse relates to demonstrating caring in a custody environment.

Correctional nurses must find balance in displaying an attitude of care and compassion while recognizing and maintaining safe boundaries. The values associated with nursing practice include nurse advocacy, respect for humans and eliminating barriers to care. The correctional nurse is in a unique position to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of patient care. He or she works with custody to ensure that the health needs of inmates are respected and responded to in a timely manner. End-of life care is another ethical concern for the correctional nurse. Patients die while incarcerated and the nurse has a role in helping the patient to die with dignity and comfort. In some prisons, nurse participation in execution may arise as an ethical issue.

The correctional nurse should not participate in executions. Participation in execution is inconsistent with nursing values. Finally, professional practice is an area that can create ethical concerns for correctional nurses. The legal implications of nursing practice are tied to licensure, state and federal laws, scope of practice and a public expectation that nurses practice at a high professional standard. Acts of omission and commission will also subject the nurse to litigation and professional license review. Correctional nurses can be especially vulnerable to litigation because the correctional patient population has a constitutional right to health care.

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