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Patriotic Slogans and meaning. - Tomin Eldho and Amulya M Athul

We became close friends, encouraging each other in our lowest moments. We fought, occasionally, as well. At all times, an ugly truth hovered over the three of us. Asad and Tahir would be the first ones to die. As the months dragged on, I grew to detest our captors. I saw the Haqqanis as a criminal gang masquerading as a pious religious movement. They described themselves as the true followers of Islam but displayed an astounding capacity for dishonesty and greed. What follows is the story of our captivity. I took no notes while I was a prisoner. All descriptions stem from my memory and, where possible, records kept by my family and colleagues. Undoubtedly, my recollections are incomplete and the passage of time may have affected them.

For safety reasons, certain details and names have been withheld. Our time as prisoners was bewildering. Two phone calls and one letter from my wife sustained me. I kept telling myself — and Tahir and Asad — to be patient and wait. By June, our seventh month in captivity, it had become clear to us that our captors were not seriously negotiating our release. Their arrogance and hypocrisy had become unending, their dishonesty constant. We saw an escape attempt as a last-ditch, foolhardy act that had little chance of success.

Yet we still wanted to try. To our eternal surprise, it worked. Read more here. Glancing at me suspiciously in the rearview mirror, he started the engine and began driving down the left-hand side of the road. A study published last week in the journal Science suggested that might be the case, reporting that many patients who had the syndrome were infected with a recently discovered virus. Chronic fatigue syndrome has long been a medical mystery and the subject of debate, sometimes bitter, among doctors, researchers and patients. It affects at least one million Americans, causing extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain , sleep problems, difficulty concentrating and other symptoms.

Its cause is unknown, symptoms can last for years and there is no effective treatment. Researchers disagree about whether it is one disease or a collection of symptoms that may have different causes in different patients. It has sometimes been stigmatized as more mental than physical, with patients labeled neurotic, depressed or hypochondriacal. Many patients find even the name of the disorder offensive, a not-so-subtle hint that it is not a real disease. The new report has intrigued scientists, been seen as vindication by some patients and inspired hope for a treatment. But the new study is not conclusive, and a great deal of work remains to be done to find out whether the new virus really does play a role.

Just detecting it in patients does not prove it is what made them sick; people with the syndrome may have some other underlying problem that makes them susceptible to the virus, which could be just a passenger in their cells. Even so, thousands of patients have already contacted scientists, asking to be tested, said Dr. Judy Mikovits, the first author of the study and the research director at the Whittemore Peterson Institute in Reno, a research center created by the parents of a woman who has the syndrome. The new suspect is a xenotropic murine leukemia virus-related virus, or XMRV, which probably descended from a group of viruses that cause cancer in mice. How or when XMRV found its way into humans is unknown.

But it has also been linked to cancer in people: it was first identified three years ago, in prostate cancer , and later detected in about one-quarter of biopsies from men with that disease and in only 6 percent of benign biopsies. It is a retrovirus, from the same notorious family that causes AIDS and leukemia in people. Mikovits and researchers from the National Cancer Institute and the Cleveland Clinic reported in Science that 68 of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, or 67 percent, were infected with XMRV, compared with only 3.

Further testing after the paper was written found the virus in nearly 98 percent of about patients with the syndrome, Dr. Mikovits said. She said she believed that the virus would eventually be found in every patient with chronic fatigue syndrome. XMRV affects the immune system, can probably cause a variety of illnesses and may join forces with other viruses to bring on the syndrome, she said. The study received a mixed review from Dr. William C. Reeves, who directs public health research on the syndrome at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. He called the research exciting but preliminary, and said he was surprised that a prestigious journal like Science had published it, because the researchers did not state the ages or sex of the patients and controls, or describe the duration of the illness or how it came on.

Reeves said. My expectation is that we will not. He noted that there had been false starts before, including a study in the s linking the syndrome to another retrovirus, which could not be confirmed by later research. They claim that the C. Frustration with the lack of answers led Annette and Harvey Whittemore, whose year-old daughter has had the syndrome for 20 years, to spend several million dollars to set up a research institute at the University of Nevada in Reno in , and to hire Dr. Mikovits to direct it. Whittemore said she had long believed that the syndrome was an infectious disease, but that scientists had rejected the idea. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University , said that the notion of a lingering viral infection was plausible.

He said that although some patients claiming to have the syndrome seemed more likely to have a psychological problem, others seemed to have a physical illness. Hantu Laut. For once I agree with Lim Kit Siang on his recent posting here. This is the kind of thing that MPs should be doing instead of wasting time trying to run down their opponents. They should spend more time voicing the anomalies in Parliament and get elected members to review and amend the Constitution.

These kinds of ambiguities in the Constitution are putting spanners in Najib's 1 Malaysia. The Prime Minister should immediately look into the misalignment of the definitions of bumiputras in Sarawak under the Federal Constitution. Unlike, Sabah state constitution which carries the definition of bumiputras under Article 41 10 the Sarawak constitution seems to be silent on the definitions depending only on the Federal constitution for its interpretation. I reproduced Article A 6 below. Posted by gram. Labels: Bumiputra , Sarawak. The Constitution Is The 'Boss'. You can't sack or force an elected member to resign. Only the people can remove him in an elections or by his act of criminality or if he is of unsound mind.

No one, including the Sultan, can force an assemblyman or member of parliament to resign. He can resign only on his own accord. If it so happened he is not doing his job, it's just too bad, only the people, not Anwar Ibrahim nor Khalid Ibrahim can remove him. That's democracy. What Anwar and Khalid are doing is autocracy, a promise they made to Malaysians that this nation would be rid of when they take over the federal government. Many Malaysians believe these two bullshit artists. Why are there so many bad and lazy elected representatives in PKR? They say they are getting rid of the dirt in the party. If that was the case than Anwar should be the first one that they should get rid of.

He came from the same dirty filthy UMNO that have ruled this nation for over half a century. It shows the PKR's leadership has not been discerning in their selection of candidates, any riffraff would do as long as they win an election. Even a dishonest boy who illegally recorded his father's lawyer's conversation and made public by Anwar Ibrahim which created a political storm that eventually constituted a Royal Commission was chosen as a candidate.

Wondering, how this wonder boy is performing in Parliament, whether he is as good as his sleuthing ways? Silence is golden. Unless, I have missed something, haven't heard him saying anything, not even a wee word, in Parliament. In many advanced countries it is illegal to tape a conversation for criminal or tortious purposes if it was obtained without the person's consent. I am not sure what the law is like in Malaysia concerning this subject. However, a while ago I remember reading in the news of a man being charged and dragged to court for illegal video taping of an actress with a hidden camera.

I believe it constitutes the same criminal act, unlawful taping, and in this case a kind of entrapment. Pakatan's people talked about honesty and a corruption free nation when they can't tell between an ass and a hole in the ground and their own dishonest intents. What does Khalid Ibrahim expects Badrul Hisham to do when he openly challenged him to resign his elected post accusing him of non-performance? Did he honestly believe that Badrul would resign after being slighted by him? If Khalid thinks he is the boss and he can sack him than he is mighty wrong. The Constitution is the boss. Badrul's departure may not put a dent in Pakatan's Selangor government but it certainly shows the gross inexperience, ignorance and incompetence of Khalid Ibrahim in running a state government In all honesty it is just one big bullshit to keep Pakatan always in the limelight.

Winning by-elections is one of the ploys to hoodwink the people that they are getting stronger and stronger each day. Malaysians are bought. You are not running a corporation where you can hire and fire people at will. Running a government is a bit more complicated than that. The 'Constitution' is the boss. What is a democracy? Posted in Phnom Penh. The Water Festival starts tomorrow and for the next 4 days it will be public holidays here. Thursday, October 29, Born Loser? Jeffery Kitingan has always wanted to be number one. He has roamed the political wilderness and has 'takoran bangkad' change shirts many times in search of his elusive dream, to be 'first among equals'.

Since the ouster of PBS as government of the state of Sabah in where he played the role of the grand master of political connivance and convenience he has joined not less than four other political parties. Every political party that he joined he mounted a challenge to the leadership for the number one post. He failed in his every attempts and got himself kicked out of the party. History repeats itself, now, the very same man who kicked his brother, him and his party out of the government in has kicked his ass again. We, Sabahans, are screwed either way. What we need is a Sabah party to take back the government. SAPP might just open its doors for him.

Would Yong Teck Lee takes the risk? For political expediency Yong might consider the parochial grassroots that Jeffery could bring into his party from the support of the hillbillies. Alternatively, the doors to PBS would be opened to him to enter with ease, probably, much to the consternation of others in the party and for those who feared his passion for displacing the incumbents. He says he is keeping his option open. This leaping, jumping and croaking frog has only himself to blame for his political chicanery and greed for power. Is Jeffery Kitingan a doggone loser?

Brutus Thornapple would have jumped with joy if he knew there exists someone worse than him. His erudition for deceit is his own failing and the castings of his public contempt and obloquy. As cunning as the proverbial fox he deceivingly used his indigenous name Gapari to fool the UMNO headquarters and was accepted. Sabah UMNO eventually revoked his membership when they found out the humiliating mistake. Is the road to hell paved with good intentions? Jeffery Kitingan may have the answer. PKR supreme council member and wanita chief Christina Liew quit the party today, citing the party disregard of her contributions as the reason. She is probably one of the most untainted politicians in Sabah and certainly a big loss to PKR.

Labels: PKR , Sabah. Hantu Laut As expected, Jefferey Kitingan was foaming at the mouth, said Anwar Ibrahim showed disrespect to Sabahans by not taking into consideration the majority voices of its supporters. About 16 divisions wanted him to lead Sabah PKR but was ignored by the central leaders. Jeffery's press statement here updated. In the same footsteps of Zaid Ibrahim, Jeffery says he is going on long leave to think over his political future in PKR. Since he is now out of favour with PKR leaders at the national level the thought of staying on in the party has become untenable and a big embarrassment for him. Unfortunately, he was replaced just before the last general elections. PKR may have lost its only possible source of support for the next general elections.

Appointing Thamrin in the hope of getting Muslims votes is like shouting in the wilderness, nobody can hear, he has absolutely no grassroots and many people in Sabah have not heard of his name. Anwar has made life easier for BN in Sabah. Hantu Laut Below is the latest on pilots falling asleep during flight. The two pilots on Northwest Airlines flight apparently were too engrossed with their laptops to notice they have overshot their destination.

If the plane was on autopilot what happened to the mechanism that suppose to trigger off the buzzer to warn the pilot? Are their story plausible? Hope the NTSB gets to the bottom of this irresponsible behaviour. Labels: Airline. This time they really have upset the applecart. Sidelining the restive and overly ambitious Jeffery Kitingan and the equally ambitious Ansari Abdullah will take PKR on a bigger roller coaster ride with high probability of the whole train come tumbling down to the ground. The general feeling in Sabah PKR is that one of the two would be appointed to the post.

Now, there are three tigers waiting to eat Anwar Ibrahim and one of them is his closest aide and loyalist. Malaysian Insider reported here. In a report here and the blind mice here and a blind landing here Thamrin Zaini the new Sabah PKR's chief is reported as being Libaran assemblyman. PKR has no state seat in the Sabah state assembly. There is no Libaran state seat. B Juslie Ajirol. This is what happened when you have lazy and half-baked reporter. Thamrin Zaini has no grassroots support in Sabah. Good-bye democracy, long live 'Anwarcracy'.

More hot news coming soon. Hantu Laut Have you ever wondered what those guys in the cockpit up front are up to? Your life is in their hands and you depended on them bringing you back safely to the ground. Over the years the airline industry have discovered pilots breaking fundamental rules of their profession, from being caught with high level of alcohol in their blood, falling asleep on the job, to emotional breakdown during flight, endangering the lives of their passengers. Small wonder most air crashes were due to human errors. Some years ago when I was a frequent flyer as a passenger I get acquainted with people from the airlines.

One day, at Bangkok airport I happened to bump into a friend who was a co-pilot with an airline I will not name the airline had coffee with him and the story he told me was quite shocking and one of many horror stories that we passengers wouldn't get to know because the airline usually hushed up such story, bad publicity for the airline. He told me his aircraft has to turn back to Bangkok airport after 20 minutes flight due to technical problem reported by the captain and the technical problem was not with the aircraft, it was with the guy. He just had a big fight with his wife when she discovered he was screwing one of the stewardesses and situation became even more unbearable for him because the girl he was screwing was on the same flight with him and the wife apparently knew it.

Luckily, for the passengers, rather than taking a flyer, he had the sense to sense his disturbed state of mind that could interfere with his ability to fly the aircraft safely. Read the article below on the subject of pilots falling asleep during flight. In typical, understated aviation lingo, the pilots of Northwest Airlines Flight suffered a "loss of situational awareness" on Oct. After the flight from San Diego with people aboard spent some 78 minutes out of contact with air-traffic control — a period that reportedly ended only when a concerned flight attendant contacted the pilots by intercom — the plane turned around over Wisconsin and landed safely.

The pilots told authorities they were discussing "airline policy" during their odd detour, though many observers believe a more plausible explanation is that they simply fell asleep at the controls. An analysis of the plane's cockpit recorder should reveal what was happening up front, but if the speculation is right, it wouldn't be the first time a pair of pilots have dozed off. See TIME's airline covers. In February , a Go! Airlines flight from Honolulu overshot the airport in Hilo, Hawaii, and continued for some 30 miles over the Pacific Ocean before circling back. The captain originally said they had entered the wrong air-traffic-control frequency, but both pilots later admitted they had fallen asleep.

A contributing factor to the incident, according to the National Transportation Safety Board NTSB , was the captain's undiagnosed sleep apnea, which authorities call a growing cause of transportation accidents. A respiratory condition that interrupts breathing at night, sleep apnea can lead people to be fatigued even after a full night's sleep. They were related to sleepiness at the wheel. According to one report, sleep apnea diagnoses have increased twelvefold since the s. Read "E. Pilots Fight for Shorter Shifts. Labels: Planes. Hantu Laut Looks like those CCTV9 guys are rare breeds among the nucleus of spunky Chinese businessmen taking on the world's markets with their cheap and nasty.

The padlock cost me RM4. I must admit I am a cheapskate when it comes to these kind of things. I have already twisted the key to the lock. For your reading pleasure: click to enlarge. Though, badly written, it's well understood. It certainly carries the intended message. Will the Chinese creolise the English language? We have Singlish and Manglish, why can't we have Chinklish? Singlish and Manglish were not creolisation of the language in the true sense. It was bastardised by Singaporeans and Malaysians poor vocabulary.

Will Chinese language or Mandarin be a lingua franca one day. Some people believe China will be the next super power , both in military and economic terms. At the rate they are going, that may not be too far-fetched. Labels: China. Wednesday, October 21, Behind the headlines. Labels: Earthquake , Padang. Tuesday, October 20, Potpourri. Hantu Laut Always in denial mode and playing the blame game. Anwar blames the media here for creating a storm in a teacup, exaggerating the problems in PKR he says.

Well, Mr Anwar Ibrahim, that's freedom of the press, the one that you and your clique in Pakatan wanted so much. Why complain now? The real truth is, Zaid is becoming a threat to you, not to Azmin Ali. According to him there is no problem between Zaid Ibrahim, him and Azmin Ali. We have heard it many times before, leaders in Pakatan infallible and as clean as a whistle. Than he better ask Jeffery Kitingan who's blowing the whistle here? This report here about Najib giving RM Malaysians still can be bought and cheap, it only costs Najib RM, Bad news for Pakatan Rakyat because Malaysians are fed up with their political antics and incessant rhetoric, that's why they took the money to show Pakatan their unhappiness.

Who knows? They could be anyone or just a gremlin in her head. From the picture below you can see the stadium is packed to capacity, what else would you expect from Pakatan and its cyberdogs. Praise Najib for his popularity? Labels: Hypocrisy. Zaid came to Sabah in defiance of leadership's decision. It is expected that one or both, Jeffery Kitingan and Ansari Abdullah might leave the party due to irreconcilable differences and frustrations with the party president's procrastination and indecisiveness on the issue of who should lead PKR in Sabah. Azmin Ali is furious. Zaid has ignored the ban on him from going to Sabah, undoubtedly, engineered by Azmin. The unpopular and dysfunctional Azmin Ali is afraid that Zaid may steal the show from him.

One PKR member lamented "What show, he never showed up". Why do you think Jeffery invited Zaid instead of him he said. He, himself, is at loggerhead with Ansari Abdullah and despised the fact that he has been reduced to playing second fiddle. Jeffery's exit from PKR wouldn't come as a surprise, he is very adapt to 'takoran bangkad ' changing shirt , and PKR is no different from the rest that he had abandoned in the past.

Jeffery claimed a memorandum signed by by 18 of the 23 divisions in Sabah on the issue of Azmin Ali has been sent to the party president. On the other hand, Ansari Abdullah refuted Jeffery's claim saying there was no such memorandum and that 15 divisions have disassociated themselves from the memorandum. Meanwhile, Zaid said he was only taking leave from attending PKR political bureau meetings but would continue to be involved in activities to strengthen Pakatan Rakyat. What that means? Your guess as good as mine, it must be Azmin Ali, that he doesn't want to meet in the bureau meetings. Zaid also admitted his visit to Sabah did not get the party leadership's blessings.

The probable answers below. If no change come soon to replace Azmin, Jeffery would leave PKR sooner and Zaid differences with Azmin Ali, would be a matter of time, before he departs. Read what OutSyed The Box says here. Hantu Laut Mr Lim, like the New Zealander, was a bit slow in getting to know something that many Malaysians already knew. He reported here about a Proton car crash test. How many of these cars can you see on Malaysian roads? Most Malaysian motorists are already aware of the bad quality of the Arena and the boxy Juara and stayed away from buying the vehicles.

Proton should have discontinued the models. That report in the New Zealand Herald did not say which year model is the car. Whether it is a new model or an older version, they did not say for reason only known to themselves. Most car appraiser and motoring magazines usually disclosed the year model of the car they tested. I do not dispute some of Proton models are of bad quality.

I have one in my garage. However, anything coming out of Lim Kit Siang are politically motivated rather than cause for concern. The story here. Only limited copies have been printed and to be given only to invited guests. I got my advanced copy below. The book. Labels: Proton. Hantu Laut When a Sabahan says "Buli bah, kalau kau! As a Sabahan you know you are fucked, your friend was just being superficially polite. When Anwar decided to take over the PKR's Sabah Chief position, the Sabah PKR boys must have told him "Datuk, buli bah, kalau kau" and when he handed the post to another West Malaysian, the polite but unhappy Sabahans must have felt offended and said the same thing but deep down in their heart must have said to themselves that they will teach these clueless and arrogant West Malaysians a lesson.

Which they did, PKR has not made any progress in Sabah. Unfortunately, Anwar and his top dogs in PKR translate politeness as a weakness and stupidity. Sabahans, with the exception of Bung Mokhtar, are, by nature, not aggressive or openly rude. They can take insults in their stride but when they hit back it would be fatal. When Sabahans decided, the bottle would be either empty or full. Sabahans have taken the appointment of Azmin as an insult that Sabahans are not good enough. Anwar or Najib? Sabahans would be looking even more stupid if they think this man will look after their welfare after he becomes prime minister.

Anwar Ibrahim, if the Kadazans whom he is tying to woo to his side now still remember, was the one that brought down the legally elected PBS government by enticing PBS elected members to leave the party, some were eventually given positions in the new government of BN, engineered by the very same man who talked about morality and accused Najib and UMNO of complicity in the downfall of the Perak's DAP government and accused Najib's administration of massive corruptions.

Weren't there corruptions during his time when he was the second most powerful man in the country? Did he not practised the same expediency of power, without giving any due respect to the Sabah state constitution? The same that Pakatan leaders are now accusing Najib of doing, Anwar has done before and tried to do it again a second time on 16th Sept but failed miserably, and made him a laughting stock.

The earthquake that he promised that would have toppled the BN did not come. Would you want someone to lead the nation who openly lied to the people? That mad as a hatter Sivakumar again will be calling his own state assembly seating on 28th October here. He is not only mad but absolutely arrogant and only making himself looking like a fool for being used by DAP to denigrate the Sultan and show disrespect for his decision. I don't know Najib personally but I do subscribe to the BN's policy, it's still the best formula for this nation.

His '1 Malaysia' definitely sounds more practical than that Isn't it just another propaganda and meaningless slogan of Pakatan to hoodwink stupid Malaysians of something they don't believe in and have no desire to carry out if or when they come to power. That slogan would die a natural death as nobody in their right senses would put his race as 'anak bangsa Malaysia' because there is no such race and it is big taboo, particularly for Chinese and Indians, to call themselves by any other race other than what their parents told them.

Race is more sacred than religion, you can change religion except Muslims but you can't change your race. Thanks to Najib, a man who respects performance and royalty and knows how to show gratitude, at least we now have more Sabahans in the Federal cabinet and other federal posts. When Anwar was in the federal cabinet before what has he done for Sabah? One, that is still very fresh in Sabahans minds were the mushrooming of slot machines all over the state, courtesy of the Federal Ministry of Finance. The inherited legacy has become permanent fixtures in Sabah bringing hardship to many families.

During his time in UMNO all Sabahans got was constant bullying, arm-twisting and political manuevaring. All he was interested in was to spread his influence among UMNO members here so he can galvanise support to topple Mahathir, the hand that brought him into UMNO and the hand that he wanted to bite. As the Malay saying "Hutang emas boleh dibayar hutang budi dibawah mati" doesn't seem to exist in Anwar's vocabulary. It's very telling of the man. How many of his close friends have left him and turned against him?

What a fucking joke. Labels: Fatigue , Health. Hantu Laut They have muddied all and sundry in BN. That's not enough. Now, they are after the voters. Voting for Isa Samad is immoral. Most of the people in Bagan Pinang are immoral. Most Malaysians are immoral for choosing BN as the Federal government in the last general elections. Only those who voted for Pakatan's candidates were of high moral. Why not abolish the constitution, remove the voting rights of BN immoral voters and make Anwar or Lim Kit Siang as prime minister for life.

Surely, our morality index would soars to high heaven. Read Rocky's Bru's brew here. Labels: Moron. Says Who? Hantu Laut Are Malaysians returning to their senses? Isa Samad's victory is not anyone's call , unexpected, is the huge majority. Isa polled votes giving him a thumping majority of votes, a landslide victory, setting back Pakatan Rakyat winning streak in the Peninsula. Indications showed that the Indians voted for the BN this time. It was purely Najib's efforts to bring the Indians back to the fold. I can't get it, so it must be sour. I would appreciate it if you would not pre-judge my character and intentions before you actually see the show.

For people from any background to decide the value of a show before it even exists on paper, let alone has been shot, edited and broadcast is a little unfair. The protagonist of that movie orders dozens of murders, presides over a nationwide criminal network, and ultimately murders both his brother and his brother-in-law. I mean, seriously, watch the show before you say our lead is the moral equivalent of a guy who rapes kids. We absolutely do not intend to whitewash anyone. It will not be a show about beastly white folks or saintly immigrants. Like any good drama, we hope to make a show about people in extreme circumstances who have to make decisions — some good, some bad, and some really ugly.

If you then decide that you want to express your disapproval by boycotting the show, that is your right. I know, because I spent three years of my life defending it. FX has put in development the first major series project centered on an illegal alien character, a drama from Changing Lanes writer Chap Taylor about an illegal Mexican immigrant working as a private investigator. Once a staple on TV, the private eye genre has almost disappeared in the past decade or so. In addition to relying on his own sleuthing skills, by being an illigal immigrant, the PI on the show will be able to tap into a network of other immigrants.

They know if we recycle, and they know if we are cheating on our wives.

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